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Comment Well, no vehicle is ever completely clean (Score 1) 775

If you consider each and every ecological impact, no vehicle can ever be considered green.

Me, I use a velomobile to get around. It uses no oil on the face of it, yet it burns people's fat (that's food that needed to be grown and shipped, which is a lot of oil), it's made of non-recyclable fiberglass and aluminum (manufacturing aluminum is a HUGE source of pollution), etc... So even an ultra-efficient bicycle isn't green if you look closely.

Comment Re:Surpassing Vista (Score 4, Insightful) 285

How long do you suppose Microsoft can hold out until Windows 9?

More to the point, how long do you suppose WE the users can hold out until Windows 9?

I dread the day my Win 7 machines die because I'll have to replace them with those blasted Win 8 machines. I'd much rather stretch my existing machines' life until Microsoft gets its act together and I can safely skip the Win 8 experience. Exactly the same way I went straight from XP to Win 7 and avoided Vista.

Comment Re:Apply to Boeing, Raytheon, etc. (Score 1) 207

And on the drones, think about getting your flight instructor ticket. Our flight program here at hte community college I work for is exploring offering drone training, and I heard the other day from someone else that teh FAA is thiinking about a drone certification. If you can get in on hte early education side, you'll be set.

Comment Re:copyrights and academic freedom (Score 1) 284

Depends on the school. The college I work for has been known to grant release time so instructors can create content for a new course, or overhaul an old one. Basically, instead of teaching 4 or 5 classes a term, they teach one less but receive the same pay. I think in that case, the content would be owned by the college/school.

Comment Re:all for it... (Score 0) 161

I'm all for police wearing cameras, provided that they cannot disable them. Unfortunately, it sounds like these can be disabled.

Don't think for a minute that the police intend to use the videos to clear suspects of wrongdoing, or to have documented evidence of police abuse that can be used in court.

It's the other way round: the police want video evidence to prove either that someone was rebellious during their arrest, or that the police didn't abuse them. People often try to blame the police in court to get off easy, and the police always has to prove they didn't use undue violence during the arrest. So videos are a good idea.

Unfortunately, it's a rather one-sided protection, as the police would never show videos in which they'd appear to have abused their powers. On the other hand, the lack of video itself would appear extremely suspicious in court I suppose, and would bolster a defendant's claim of police violence.

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