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Comment Re:I've got to hand it to the administration (Score 4, Insightful) 276

One can't help but wonder why they would ever have opened up these channels of communication. What did they expect to get as concerns? Technically the Executive has no power to do anything about any of this, so why bother with the dialogue? Every issue has to be resolved in the other two branches, so what did they hope to accomplish?

Unless of course they're just compiling a list...

Comment Re:Id releases Engine, tech demo... (Score 1) 192

Since Bethesda bought id, they are no longer licensing their engines...

Bethesda is starting to depress me between this, the state of Brink and Rage, and they aren't really targeting pc anymore either.

No extra love for the people that made them what they are. (And with them buying id, well you can put it all together...) Though one could argue mods, though they claim mods will work for consoles I seriously doubt it will work correctly.

Sort of depressing. I've been playing since Arena. I suffered through the quest-items-stuck-in-walls Daggerfall, the interesting openness and towns of Morrowind, to the bland homogeneity of Oblivion. It's a shame there are not many PC purist companies left. Things are starting to get a little too cookie cutter and the bugs just get worse and worse. Meanwhile one of the omega developers of an entire genre got sucked into a company that's losing touch with it's roots. Sad, sad times...

Comment Re:Germans and humour... (Score 1) 121

I don't know that actually sounds pretty damn fun. I'm pretty sure I could fly it if the spawn point wasn't too far away. First thing I'd do is buzz the space station and give the astronauts in there something to talk about besides dried strawberries and Nintendo at 0 gravity.

Hopefully easier than Lunar Lander...

Comment Re:The issue wasn't raising prices (Score 1) 574

I'm on the fence about Netflix these days, but it's not because of price. I can't navigate the site quickly anymore, and I usually end up watching something totally lame because I don't want to wait for the crap to scroll and there is no list view that I can find. It's like a giant picturebook for kids. Really annoying. I realize I was losing interest when Hulu became easier to use and navigate... : /

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