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Comment Re:Whats next? (Score 2) 1219

I DO NOT drive impaired. Yet I choose to Not drive on "DUI enforcement holidays" because I refuse to be cowed into "showing my papers" for the privilege for driving from point A to point B. You must provide identification (at least here in California) which is another "papers please" affront and I grudgingly accept that. But as soon as you try to "exercise your rights" and refuse to tell the police where you are going, what you have doing, what your business is, you will likely be arrested. That my friends is a police state. Try it for yourself some time. If you dare. I'd suggest you have a hidden camera if you do.

This nonsense in FL is just a case of the judge(s) "sucking up OT gravy" like all the police officers.

In my town, most of these "papers please" checkpoints result in very few DUIs and mostly just impounds for license and registration violations, some warrants, etc (mostly "undocumented workers"). It is a "cash cow" for the cities, PD, etc. Saturation patrols have been far more effective in removing impaired drivers from the road.

Comment Re:"Genuine Advantage" is only active where it sui (Score 1) 233

With Office 2010 MS already has Office Starter edition. You're not supposed to really talk about it and definitely not use it as a selling point. You're also supposed to pre-install it with MS Sec. Essentials, Windows Live, other stuff too. The end user either buys a license from the OEM, a retail or just decides to use the starter edition (Word & Excel "lite editions").

Comment Re:Only pedantic comments here (Score 1) 670

I am not afraid of another terrorist attack.


It is 100X more likely to die from smoking

It is 10X more likely to die in a car accident

And 9/11 was a single event. There others happen every year.

By the way, about 500 people a year are hit by lightening

I'm not worried about that either

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 66

Surely they could have dumped the user accounts from AD (like the SAM under NT) and crack all the accounts on a remote machine. Then maybe it wouldn't have even been noticed. And if the POS software was secure, it should not matter if someone downloaded the source code.

Comment Re:So let me get this right... (Score 1) 351

Thanks for the info. I assume you could exact the capicom.dll as if you were going to slipstream SP2 into office 2007.

Actually I was referring to KB967723.

And interestingly enough, the patch for windows 2003 (64bit) installs on XP (64 bit) but it's download is not referenced from the KB. And apparently MS has said they won't provide a patch for XP (either 64 or 32).

Comment Re:So let me get this right... (Score 2, Interesting) 351


"not technically feasible" to patch at least XP 64 bit which was release after 2003 32-bit server and before 2003 server 64-bit. I thought the code base was really similar. Especially since it uses the same Service Pack (WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe)

General Availability Dates from Microsoft

Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (32-bit x86) 5/28/2003
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 4/24/2005
Windows Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition 5/28/2005

This cannot be anything less than a ploy to kill XP (and 2000 server) and bring on the new era of Windows Play Skool Edition (Windows Visa 2009 aka Windows 7)

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