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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 456

Because it is much easier to have all the tech news from multiple sites show up in a stream that is more interactive as Twitter, but can be isolated easy from friends and family. It is also nice I can just put in a search term and see the public trends on the topic, or just see what others are talking about.

People make the mistake of seeing G+ as Facebook, but it is not. It is more like a blending of Facebook and Twitter.

Comment Re:I Give Up (Score 1) 489

The Civil War was about many things, slavery was one of them. The south did not like that Congress ruled that any new territories had to be slave free and the potential loss of influence that would bring about. The south was also angry that the Federal government was unfairly taxing them to fund projects in other parts of the country. There also was the issue of State's rights versus Federal government, did the Federal government have the right to abolish slavery in the sovereign territory? Did the federal government have the right to unfairly tax some states?

Yeah, the "Cival" War was an extremely complex issue. However, the victor authors the history books.

Comment Re:Wind, solar (Score 2) 1205

The Chinese also don't have a bunch of environmentalist nutjobs that block and hold up every initiative they have to save their pet environmental subject or piece of dirt. So when they say they are going to convert 100 square miles to a giant wind farm, it happens. Here, we would be stuck in the court systems arguing for years over bird migration paths and displaced trees squirrels.

Or on the other side of the equation there are no super rich people in China that sue to block wind farms located miles off the coast because it blocks their view. While here, we have armies of lawyers suing to stop progress because someone believes they can see over the horizon.

Comment Re:Same as school exercise (Score 1) 304

You are correct those can be barriers/limitations, especially if you are not willing to adapt to those barriers/limitations. To my knowledge places like Schwan's still do home delivery of a multitude of fruits/vegetables, meats, and complete meals. And before you protest, Schwan's can be ordered online, by phone, or just by having a sales person stop by, and they deliver by truck, freezer bag, or UPS. Along those lines, most people can invest and should into not only a refrigerator but a small stand up freezer (most larger cities have used appliance stores and even new a freezer is only about $150 or about the cost of the smartphone you just had to have).

Instead of going out for food, let the food come to you. Another option instead of buying your groceries daily/weekly, plan ahead and buy bi-weekly or monthly. Buying in bulk (with coupons) saves money and reduces the overall time that you need for shopping so that you can reasonably plan (babysitting, taxi, friend to help, etc.). In fact, the savings brought by planning ahead and buying/preparing your own food vs. McDonald's will help pay for the items above. Invest in freezer containers and have a meal preparation day (ie. cook and then freeze the food to be reheated when the week is busy), and learn that it is okay to eat the same thing for a few days.

I agree it is not easy to be a single parent in a low income situation. However, planning and making good use of what time you do have can go a long way to take some of the pressure off your back. If you can find time to watch television, then you have time that you could be doing some of the above. I know it's not fair, but the question is, "What are you willing to sacrifice so your children can have a better future?"

But I also agree with something another poster said. Our public schools/society fail to teach us what should be considered basic life skills. No one should walk away from school not knowing basic homemaking (cooking and cleaning), budgeting (balancing a checkbook and living within your means), and basic mechanical skills (car care/maintenance, home care/maintenance). And these are lessons that should start early in education.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable.. (Score 1) 1271

When we gave our son the first round of vaccines required by the state of TN, he reacted badly to them including a rash and just all around not being himself (our son is naturally an easy going child versus his high-energy sister). We were concerned and we spoke to our doctor regarding the symptoms. Despite feeling uncertain, we let them give the next round of vaccines. The reaction was worse, including needing to use an anti-histamine to counter the side effects. We didn't know it was a allergic reaction specifically (we were starting to wonder if it could be, we had discovered our son was sensitive to wheat, dairy, and soy at this point) but we were concerned.

When we voiced that concern to the doctor again, we were informed of the policy regarding vaccinations (if your child is not vaccinated on our time-table, you must find another physician). This was the stance they held until our son ended up in the ER after coming into contact with eggs and broke out in hives and started swelling (his ears swelled to double their normal size). Even then the nurse on call treated us as if we were idiots when we initially called regarding the reaction, and spent more time criticizing us for what we did versus helping us respond correctly to the situation.

It was only after all this nightmare, that his doctor finally suggested they would make an exception to the policy and that was only to delay the next round of vaccines until we could consult an allergist (which will happen in a few weeks). But had my son not had to go to the ER, we would still be facing a doctor's office that refused to listen to reasonably concerned parents.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable.. (Score 4, Insightful) 1271

I find it ironic that one of the groups that are dependent on herd immunity (Vaccine Component Allergy) is one of the ones that said doctor will kick out of his practice. My son is highly allergic to eggs, which is in many vaccines. We were informed by our doctor that if we did not allow him to inject our son with something that he is highly allergic to we would no longer be allowed to be a part of his practice.

It isn't that we don't want our son to be immunized, it is just we would rather not give him something that results in violent reactions. Especially at the young age that he is.

Comment Re:Still want to kill the internet (Score 1) 268

See you are still operating under the mistaken idea that you are entitled to have an opinion. You are only entitled to espouse the opinion of News Corp., Comcast/NBC, Viacom/CBS, Disney/ABC, Time Warner, or the mega-corporation of choice. You must pay your subscription fee, tune in and espouse our gospel. There are no other "opinions". There are no other "options". You little people shouldn't need to be bothered with things such as thoughts, unless it is to decide with new super-hyped piece of bling you will buy from our advertisers or who the next American Idol will be.

Comment Re:Misleading to call it "non-copied" (Score 3, Informative) 657

And to further that line of thought, the issue was that the second person was using the first person's photo without paying copyright. When he was sued, he went out and produced a photo as close to the original as possible to avoid paying licensing fees. So the intent has a lot to do with the ruling.

Comment Re:I disagree. (Score 2) 99

There was also the fact that originally the lightsabers were supposed to be difficult to hold/control. They were told in episode 4 specifically not to fight in a traditional fencing style because they needed both hands to control the power of the blades. Then there were the also mentioned issues with the props themselves breaking.

I am sure when Lucas gets around to re-shooting the original trilogy using obi-wan from the first one (hey, there are only 10 more years to go more or less), the lightsaber fights will be much more involved.

Comment Re:It's about getting people to sign up for autopa (Score 1) 562

Yes, but the issue is. Verizon knows once you get on autopay, you are going to stop watching the bill. The 10 days will pass and the money will be gone, and you will be left with no options.

For me, autopay worked great until payroll was messed up and I was accidentally deleted instead of the person that was supposed to be terminated. Payday came with no direct deposit followed by all those wonderful autopays triggering. When the dust settled I was in the hole for over twice what I paid out. So there is no autopay in my life anymore except for my mortgage and my auto insurance, two things that I must have to function.

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