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Comment Re:How was it broken into again? (Score 1) 272

Never underestimate a meth addict. Some have been known to tie winch wire to the frame of their car/truck/suv with the other end secured to a door or window bar. You may have seen a scene in a movie where this was done to break someone out of a jail. Well, that shit works (IRL for buildings, not jails)!!!. They drive up, wrap it secure, yank it off. In, out, long gone before police show up. Loud alarms and alerts are just after the fact.

If you're doing business in a bad part of town. My advice is to leave!

Comment Re:It's because they're crap (Score 1) 218

You don't. Not unless you're in High School looking to make beer money on the side. There is no money in building PCs. Even high-end PC gaming is lost among the youth these days. I suspect the consoles and lack of jobs (high youth unemployment rate and debt) are the factor here. Those that want them are generally going to build their own rig anyways. The support system is vast both on-line and via local communities.

Basically, the "PC" will be replaced with mobile phone's that doc to a wireless KVM of some sorts. Tablet and Notebooks for the more serious power users. Everything else "cloud centric". Any remnants that constitute a PC will just be a Workstation/Server laying under the desk for vertical market applications such as video production, CAD, and geo-science type work (big oil).

The PC as we know it is on the way out. Technology changes and so do paradigms.

Comment Re:PICK UPS (Score 1) 174

Question: Does the user of that number actually "own" it? In other words, does one user have the rights to transfer that number to another user, or only forfeit it in exchange from another via phone provider? I'm not sure phone numbers are transferable like domain names are.

Comment Re:270 mile range seems good (Score 1) 525

Cadillac was seriously looking into a thorium laser powered system via concept car. Nothing was built to my knowledge, but for them to splash that as public news was very risky. So yes, I say that was a serious decision on their part as to not look like a bunch of kooks. Is it doable? I have no idea. All I know is that if it is, China and India will testing the waters first. No way in absolute hell will this be kickstarted in the USA. Too much politics involved and the scare of "nuclear meltdown" (public ignorance) will be the reason. So until those two nations test and validate the technology, then, and only then, will the West warm up to the idea of having public nuclear reactors in our possession.

Comment Re:"Wantonly violated?" (Score 1) 270

Next time NK launches a rocket, shoot it down. If there's an "end game" to this regime, we are only delaying the inevitable. War. We shouldn't have to live as hostages to their demands. It's our call as nations. Wait for them to get an ICBM, or take out the regime. Most likely, they will use a nuke against a nation and call that a "warning". Is that what you guys want?

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