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Comment Re:Kids (Score 1) 393

From the viewpoint of the Chinese, and one that I agree with; who's going to take care of you when you grow old and die? I really hope you don't mind some faceless organization dealing with your bouts of dementia and incontinence. More over, do these non-family members you pay for really care about you? No. They just fake it as it's just part of the job would be my guess.

Is having a few kids selfish. No. Is having a brooding of children you can't afford a bad situation for the entire family? Yes. Do yourself a favor. Find the right mate, have a child or two with a full commitment to love and care for them, and replenish your rank. Soon your life on Earth will expire. Same goes for us all. It's all part of the cycle of life my friend.

BTW. If you can't have children. Adopt.

Comment Re:"to produce ... a more just society" (Score 2) 266

Or maybe the fact Wikileaks doesn't want to deal with any other culture but the West. Perhaps it's a language barrier, lack of inside contacts, or the fact they don't give a damn. So they focus on the USA because it's such an easy target with low hanging fruit to exploit in the wild. Something like a never ending piñata that you can beat over and over to collect from a bottomless pit of goodies. Well guess what, such piñata's exist all over the world. Not that it matters. So yes, there is a bias. Without question!

Comment Re:He's not a hero, (Score 1) 143

Typically what happens is that the 18 yo girl is asking for preferential treatment or a fast-track toward the ascension of political power (top university, or to protect her parents from the officials). Whoring herself out to a corrupt official is a good way of doing that.

Basically, everyone is involved in corruption. You falsely assume that someone here is innocent. I have my doubts. When shit hits the fan in China, it's bad guys throwing each other under the bus. Last man standing wins.

Comment Re:Snake oil again? (Score 3, Interesting) 81

The asians have been selling anti-radiation maternity cloths for years now. My wife purchased one herself. Surprisingly, they blocking cell reception at least. I tested it out with two cell phones. Both had full bars. As soon as I covered one of the phones all the way around, the signal dropped. It was instant and the test could be repeated over and over again. So the clothes do was they're advertised to do. The question is, does it really impact the safety of fetal development? Doubt it. But there you go.

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