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Comment Re:Obvious Answer (Score 1) 747

Kind of a slippery slope though. Sure it makes sense for most vaccines, but the bigger idea of "if you don't follow our medical advice, you don't get coverage" could lead to all other sorts of unintended outcomes

It's not a slippery slope at all. It's a fucking cliff! When you grant the Government the power to manage a single-payer healthcare system, you grant them the power to legislate any and all forms of activity and substances that would effect "your" health. Which is a misnomer because "your" health is really "our" health. When you cost us money, you cost the tax payer money. Welcome to the hive.

Comment Re:reduce the amount (Score 1) 983

The "RED" drives you see on the market are no different from standard hard drives, except their firmware will give up trying to recover such a read error after just a few seconds, before low end RAID systems have a chance to kick the drive out due to unresponsiveness.

It's called TLER. And fuck WD for segmenting this market. On some of their older drives (raptors), there used to be firmware setting to enable/disable TLER. I'm pretty sure Hiatchi (IBM) drives still makes this user selectable. Yes, WD is on my personal shit-list of drives not to buy.

Comment Re:reduce the amount (Score 2) 983

I've never ran into a UBE in a RAID5. But then again, that's because I've always used Dell or HP machines that have Patrol Reading on the RAID card. It's proactive checking/correcting when the volumes is at a minimal use. It's frequency of checking is also a user changeable option is most cases.

No. The problem with RAID5 is that should one drive fail, and second drive could fail while in the rebuild process. That's because rebuilding stresses all the remaining drives. If one of them in the array is already on the cusp of failing, a rebuild could push it over the edge. Thus losing the entire volume. RAID6 is a waste in that it's N-2 drives of capacity lost. But when you have to be sure (and damned sure) of reliability and availability, it's worth looking into. Exceedingly so for a SAN.

Comment Re:Sadly, Elon Musk is proof that (Score 1) 236

In reality, that will never happen. There is no a biosphere on Mars, and even if you terraformed the planet, it it's sustainable without artificial support. You can thank the weak magnetic field for that. No shield = atmosphere gets stripped away into space by the sun. So the moment this new emergent species gets thrown back into the stone age, they will die off as would the rest of the planet.

And I'll leave you with one final thought. You can take man from nature, but you can't remove the nature from man. War happens. It's what we are good at.

Comment Re:Work where you grew up (Score 1) 285

Not now you can't. Good luck finding a house for 180k in Katy, TX. At 200k and depending on the local tax rate, anywhere from $1,300 to ,$1,500 a month for a single-floor four bedroom house. BTW, I just closed on a house not too long ago. I've been in the market for well over a year now.

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 1) 247

The ACA (Obamacare) is legal on the basis that it's a tax. SCOTUS said so. That said; your liberty has been rooted under the auspice of saving tax dollars through the taxation of behavior. AKA, social engineering.

Examples include (but not limited to)...: Smoking, drinking, eating, exercise, calorie burning logging, who you hang with, how you vote, do you play video games, watch TV, movies, soft drinks, drugs...your genetic lineage...etc.

With ACA, you are the governments "bitch". YOU ARE A SLAVE! We all are.

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