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Comment Re:And this ladies and gents, is why I'm a sociali (Score 1) 241

Socialism is an attempt to address the societal symptoms, and not the cause. The cause being an authoritative statist form of tyranny and oppression. Ironically, the idealism of socialism quickly turns into the disease that it was set out to nullify in the first place.

The solution is capitalism. What we have now in the US is anything but. However, you can blame the ignorant masses for letting the system degenerate over time. Adam Smith must be turning over in his grave by now.

Comment Re:Wonder about the mileage (Score 1) 241

Assuming the drivers could physically handle it.

Fatigue sets in after awhile and thus becomes a safety issue for them and others on the track. So I'm not surprised at the restrictions put into place as the technology becomes more advanced. Now imagine for a moment a new class of "F1-Drone" series. Technology unleashed for all the spectators of the world to see!!! Now that I would love to see in person at the track.

Comment Re:PR crapapalooza (Score 1) 254

The "south-bridge" equivalent has been superseded by the PCH (Platform Controller Hub) which controls USB and SATA connectivity. The "north-bridge" no longer exists as it's function is already on CPU die. For example the memory controller and on-board video.

So while technically you are correct, the old 'Intel Hub Architecture' no longer exists as a north and south bridge chipset, effectively there is a "south bridge" still in existance in that a separate chipset is required to provide SATA connectivity. SATA is not part of the CPU die.

Comment Re:PR crapapalooza (Score 1) 254

Depends on how many games you want installed at any given time. The whole point of going SSD is for the near instant load times. PC gamers know this all too well.

So the PS4 will have USB3.0 connectivity. I have no idea what kind of south-bridge it will use unless it's a totally custom chipset. But more than likely it will be SATA3 compliant. 600 MB/s read/write performance is nothing to scoff at. A 250GB Samsung 840 EVO lists for $180 and benchmarks at 540MB/s on reads.

Comment Re:Is anyone giving money to Sony? (Score 1) 254

Both Sony and Microsoft can kiss my ass. Nintendo is pretty much AWOL in the advanced technology department too.

Actually, I'm looking forward to the Oculus Rift experience. This will be a game changer for the PC platform as was the original 3Dfx Voodoo card back in the day (Diamond Monster3D). These next generation consoles are nothing more than evolutionary and nothing revolutionary.

Comment Re: does it work through walls? (Score 4, Informative) 155

Most homes in Chinese cities are in buildings like condominiums. Only the walls are poured concrete. That's because the walls are load-bearing as part of the design. At least that's my understanding. Regardless, getting WiFi access several rooms away can be real difficult if not impossible.

If you're part if the growing middle class that plans on expanding network connectivity in the home, you really need CAT5e installed (outside the walls unfortunately).

Comment Re:this possibly means one of two things.. (Score 1) 160

Would that be before or after nuclear war? Because I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be these Chinese soldiers. They either all die in LA, or die trying to return home to an irradiated nation. Nobody will come out of that scenario unscathed. And no land would be taken, just billions of lives lost.

Comment Re: Will we move to Mars by then? ;) (Score 1) 95

I'm pretty sure he was referring to finding planets (that are also larger) before Earth is no longer habitable. He failed to take account that people would most like weigh a lot due to a larger planet being more massive.

If anything looking at it would be a tease, but wouldn't do any good if you weigh 3x as much as you would on Earth for example.

Comment Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

Unless it's the desert of salt flats, 70 to 80 Mph and that's it. Even if posted, I would only drive 55 at most in rainy weather on an otherwise empty highway. There's also the problem of rush-hour speed changes. Traffic in Houston will abruptly change from 75 to 20 real quick. That's a major delta change in speed.

I can't speak for other areas, but I would *not* recommend 80 Mph on either 290 or 10 between Houston and Austin. Too crowded, drivers are aggressive, and fucking deer love to bolt out right in front of you. That, and section of the roads are either too narrow IMHO or are not partitioned by a concrete barrier.

Comment Re:And there's a whole series of comments at Ars.. (Score 2) 245

oh and if you're such deep in paranoid country it doesn't help much to do those steps since this is already assumpting that they're infecting your firmwares on all devices ;)

Ya, no kidding! For example Dell PowerEdge servers are pretty consistent throughout each generation. They're good servers, but there are many components onboard that have upgradable firmware. I can name more than a few. BIOS, BMC, iDRAC, Broadcom NIC, and PERC (RAID card). I'm not sure if these devices require the firmware to be signed before accepting, but it stands to reason that it might not be impossible to infect an entire network of rack mounted Dell servers of the same make and model.

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