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Comment Re:this possibly means one of two things.. (Score 1) 160

Would that be before or after nuclear war? Because I sure as fuck wouldn't want to be these Chinese soldiers. They either all die in LA, or die trying to return home to an irradiated nation. Nobody will come out of that scenario unscathed. And no land would be taken, just billions of lives lost.

Comment Re: Will we move to Mars by then? ;) (Score 1) 95

I'm pretty sure he was referring to finding planets (that are also larger) before Earth is no longer habitable. He failed to take account that people would most like weigh a lot due to a larger planet being more massive.

If anything looking at it would be a tease, but wouldn't do any good if you weigh 3x as much as you would on Earth for example.

Comment Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

Unless it's the desert of salt flats, 70 to 80 Mph and that's it. Even if posted, I would only drive 55 at most in rainy weather on an otherwise empty highway. There's also the problem of rush-hour speed changes. Traffic in Houston will abruptly change from 75 to 20 real quick. That's a major delta change in speed.

I can't speak for other areas, but I would *not* recommend 80 Mph on either 290 or 10 between Houston and Austin. Too crowded, drivers are aggressive, and fucking deer love to bolt out right in front of you. That, and section of the roads are either too narrow IMHO or are not partitioned by a concrete barrier.

Comment Re:And there's a whole series of comments at Ars.. (Score 2) 245

oh and if you're such deep in paranoid country it doesn't help much to do those steps since this is already assumpting that they're infecting your firmwares on all devices ;)

Ya, no kidding! For example Dell PowerEdge servers are pretty consistent throughout each generation. They're good servers, but there are many components onboard that have upgradable firmware. I can name more than a few. BIOS, BMC, iDRAC, Broadcom NIC, and PERC (RAID card). I'm not sure if these devices require the firmware to be signed before accepting, but it stands to reason that it might not be impossible to infect an entire network of rack mounted Dell servers of the same make and model.

Comment Mutation (Score 2) 41

Mutation is the result of DNA change. Often from external sources such as radiation or chemicals. The change could be good, bad, or nothing readily noticeable. So that said, how can you rely on the results of a biological computer that's prone to mutation and thus corrupting the results?

Comment Re:And there's a whole series of comments at Ars.. (Score 1) 245

I didn't RTFA, but there is a proper way of nuking a machine in staged steps; short of using an actual nuke.

1. Unplug power and other cables to the machine. Everything! (remove battery if a laptop too)
2. Push the power button to drain any flea power from the capacitors. Wait five minutes.
3. Pull RAM, and expansion cards. CPU too if you're truly paranoid
4. Remove any internal HDDs.
5. Clear CMOS via jumper and pull the battery if available. Wait 10 minutes.
(By now, the hardware should be free of any malware unless the firmware has been flashed with a virus.)
6. If you need data from the HDDs, connect them to a SATA-to-USB adapter and connect to a machine with an up-to-date antivirus engine and defs. Proceed to scan the drive. As a precaution, manually copy files to a clean drive. Now low level format the drive. I prefer to use my Apple MacBook for this entire step 5 process with Disk Utility.
7. Restore hardware, CMOS battery, HDDs, and cables; in that order.
8. Complete BIOS setup and reload the OS on the zeroed out drive.

If your machine gets reinfected, someone is hitting it with a zero-day exploit from an external source.

Comment Re: Packed together tightly is misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 54

In the vast quantities we now have on Earth? Not on this planet at least. The Great Oxygenation Event was caused and maintained by life 2.4 billion years ago.

Cyanobacteria, which appeared about 200 million years before the GOE, began producing oxygen by photosynthesis. Before the GOE, any free oxygen they produced was chemically captured by dissolved iron or organic matter. The GOE was the point when these oxygen sinks became saturated and could not capture all of the oxygen that was produced by cyanobacterial photosynthesis. After the GOE the excess free oxygen started to accumulate in the atmosphere. -wiki

Comment Re:Sounds like a problem... (Score 2) 507

Well, we know how well the last government solution turned out... But in all seriousness, yes, there needs to be government regulation acting as the referee for an open market solution. I say this because, wait till they get ahold of your DNA and digitally synthesize your body. Protein folding and all. I mean, it's better than out-right cloning from a pure data extraction methodology.

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