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Comment Re:There Aughta Be A Law (Score 2) 478

Laws are often created as a reaction to an event. The grid must collapse before such a law will be put into effect. It's only a matter of time. But as always, it's a game of "Hot Potato" with upper management. As long as no one drops the potato, all is well. And when it's dropped long after management leaves, it didn't happen on their watch. You see, saving money is a resume' enhancement to ink on paper shortly before shit falls apart. That, and it makes for great endless finger pointing activity.

Comment Re: Easy answer... (Score -1, Flamebait) 162

Because Israel is surrounded by Islamic barbarians that would like nothing more than to see Jewish babies burn in fire. No, really!!! Islam is pure evil in that they stone people to death, rape women, beat their wives into submission, and honor-kill their daughters. If Israel were to use a nuke, it would be a last man standing scenario. They don't have enough people to win an Islamic war via zerg rush even if they wanted too. Effectively, an Israeli nuke (or the thought of one perceived or otherwise) is the ace in hand. And it would be ill advised for them to tip their hand now.

Comment Re:Definition of 'scary' (Score 2) 337

The DoD plan isn't what's scary from a logistical point of view. It's the fact our own government might be forced to shoot people as they flee in panic. Nobody wants to be boxed in against their will. Unfortunately, that's what it might take to contain a nasty pandemic. For example: you live in an apartment complex where 50% of the residence are known to be infected. That means you must quarantine the remaining 50% of the healthy and hope they too won't get infected??? Civil unrest is not something that will bode well for our nation. Respect for law cannot be maintain once trust has been shattered.

Comment Re: I still want... (Score 1) 256

3/4th of illegal Hispanics would vote Democrat if given the option. The remaining 1/4th fall into the undecided to conservative camp. That's enough to keep the Democrats in power forever in perpetuity! The GOP is effectively dead and feels the need to not piss off the Latino community as well. This is why amnesty will pass; so they can vote!!!

BTW, did you know that once immigration reform passes, there's a provisional loophole that states they are not required to pay into Obamacare nor are business required to offer insurance. Yup. So there will be a massive layoff of American unskilled workers as it will be legally cheaper to higher the "undocumented Democrats".

We. Are. Fucked!

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