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Comment Re:Missing wires (Score 1) 183

We have people in the US ripping up three phase electrical cabling from the outside of buildings. You want to talk about having a set of balls! These guys know no fear when it comes to ripping off solid copper. I'm pretty sure the guys in Africa have no problem pulling electrical wiring leading up to the towers too.

Comment Re:Sounds great for CAD (Score 1) 180

Meh. I support AutoCAD products at the workstation level. An i5 is more than good enough. What AutoCAD really likes is RAM (12GB or higher, not the 8GB they recommend) and an nVidia Quadro (Fermi based) video card. Actually, I put the video card at the top of the list as the amount of RAM really depends on the complexity of the file you're working on. If you're a power user of AutoCAD however, just drop in 16GB and call it a day. Now if you have a Xeon CPU, ECC RAM can get real expensive depending on the generation you're working with!!!

Comment Re: Pot calling kettle black (Score 4, Informative) 140

Barbara Boxer already made a statement that you are not a journalist unless you draw a salary. This was in response to the topic of Internet blogging. Durbin and Harry Reid already weighed in on the same.

Comment Re:Twerking? (Score 1, Insightful) 131

And yet the American public laps up this dog vomit like fine wine. Again, it's what the market wants. Right? Right??!!

Fuck! Whatever happened to decent educational programming and real news. I mean real quality content! But whatever; conservatives such as myself are old and obsolete. I should just go away. The people have spoken and they want more dog vomit!

Comment Re:Here's what holds ME back. (Score 1) 530

Ya, pretty much. Being industrious is part of western culture. Not only is there economic strength in numbers, but as a culture we celebrate life through consumption. Consumption, be it intellectually or physically. We like to celebrate life through the advancements and participation of a wide range of human endeavors. Creation and consumption is what really defines western civilization.

Basically, the global western elites are having one giant guilt-trip for their massive consumption that they feel the best way to "atone for their gluttony" is to make everyone else but them live with less. It's as though by preaching this message, they've already done their part. And no Sheryl Crow, I will not wipe my ass with just one square sheet of toilet paper. You can do it and show the rest of the world how's it done for the rest of your pathetic little worthless life!

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