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Comment Re:They had these during the Cold War, slow news d (Score 1) 192

I'm of the understanding that the military is not in fact Islamic - yet. Essentially we (US Gov) are paying them a lot of money to keep the boat from tipping over. We are basically being blackmailed implicitly insomuch as no official demands being asked of us, just that we know what will happen once the money stops flowing.

Comment Re:Getting better at what we do. (Score 1) 192

The EMP and radiation would wipe out the television transmission for several moments following the blast. I'm pretty sure all the archived footage was shot with film which is a chemical process because of that.

And yes, tube technology was far more resilient to an EMP compared to transistor (let alone micro chip). Again, it was a signal transmission issue upon detonation. A blackout period.

Comment Re:If you're going to read that, read this as well (Score 1) 153

That's where marketing comes into play. If you're offering a product/service that's mid-range (medium quality, medium price, medium value), it's more important to make your offerings stand out from the crowd. Some would point out that this product is the worst of both worlds. Marketing is there to not lie, but provide a convincing POV a why it's the best of both worlds for the value.

Don't discount the mid-range market. It's alive and kicking for a reason. People value it.

Comment Re:lasting awesomeness? (Score 0) 153

No, his understanding of human nature is spot on. People are inherently selfish creatures at the sub-concious level. Unless you re-write the human genome, we will always be selfish bastards! More so at the collective unconscious level than the individual. BTW; capitalism is both the understanding and acceptance of this view, and, based on the idea of harnessing this natural behavior for the betterment of mankind at the conscious level.

Comment Re:Disney is a conundrum (Score 1) 62

Disney is an IP company. The vision of Walter has long since been dead only for the momentum of his IP to carry the name forward. It's about purchasing cheap toys and talent and marking them up to insane levels. Give it another generation or two and Disney will be just another ho hum name. BFD!

Anyone notice the lack of innovation and the shitty re-design of the Mac Pro? Apple is trending the same path after Jobs left. Ditto for Microsoft after Gates. Companies that thrived off leadership of one man are doomed to failure after said man leaves.

Comment Re: The Ethical Implications are Staggering (Score 1) 230

Either you "play God" and accept all responsibilities for your actions, or don't get involved in the first place. The bullshit attitude of fucking around with the code of nature, introducing change, and then washing your hands of the problem via stating natural evolution is a cop-out. Either your involved and stay involved forever, or you're not. There is no other way around it.

Comment Re:The Ethical Implications are Staggering (Score 1) 230

Civilizations rise and fall. What happens after 500 years of this suppression that the human race no longer has access to high tech (thermonuclear war)? We've just doomed millions of children about to be conceived during this period. And while it would be a minor issue compared to an event of a societal collapse, it's still another form of misery we have inflicted on future generations.

You do know we have a "doomsday vault" holding most (if not all) the seeds for the crops we grow, right? The idea being they serve as an original genetic source in the event we genetically engineer our plants to extinction. It's a way of saying "oops, we hit a dead end and now need to walk back and start over with original source material". We don't have that luxury with human beings let alone other animals. People aren't Cabbage Patch Kids; you can't grow them in the ground. With seeds at least, anyone in this world can plant them should the world turn post-apocalyptic.

Comment Re:The Ethical Implications are Staggering (Score 4, Interesting) 230

I'm not a geneticists.

Of all the adults out there with Downs Syndrome, how many of them go on to get married and have children? Of those that have children, what is the likelihood of this abnormality being passed down the family tree? I'm not disputing their choice to procreate. I am however concerned that suppressing the extra chromosome will lead to healthy adults (which is very good), but also have normal procreating life and thus pass it down to the next generation (which is bad). Do we to to encourage adding severe genetic abnormalities to future generations if all were doing is suppressing them rather then removing/correcting said genes? For the sake of the human race, this requires serious consideration.

Comment Re:GG (Score 1) 194

Ditto. I though Gorilla glass was rated on the hardness scale as being between 7 and 9. Apparently it has the same hardness as sapphire. While a grain of sand is enough to scratch it, I didn't think brass keys could. So where in the hell are all these scratches coming from. There not noticeable unless I look for them with the screen turned off. And when I find them, I can fell them with my fingernail along the groove.

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