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Comment Re:GG (Score 1) 194

Ditto. I though Gorilla glass was rated on the hardness scale as being between 7 and 9. Apparently it has the same hardness as sapphire. While a grain of sand is enough to scratch it, I didn't think brass keys could. So where in the hell are all these scratches coming from. There not noticeable unless I look for them with the screen turned off. And when I find them, I can fell them with my fingernail along the groove.

Comment Re:False Flag (Score 1) 509

I'm guessing he picked up the phone an called an attorney. Rather then tell him to sleep off his crazy idea, they latched onto it as a springboard to sue Apple. Jackpot Justice. So even if he loses, the lawyers win via collection of services rendered. It's fucking low that scum like this prey on the mentally disturbed!

Comment Re:Not all show trials go the way the media (Score 1) 1737

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," -Obama

Let's be clear. This was political from the get-go. The democrat party wants their pound of flesh. They will get it. Zimmerman represents the embodiment of pro-gun and self defense against the savagery of a cultural subset of a particular race that vote Democrat at last 90% of the time. This will not rest.

Zimmerman needs to seek asylum in another nation. He's not safe in the US anymore. I can only imagine the bounty on his head set forth by the gangs. I'm guessing it's in the millions!

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 344

Profit is the goal. The control aspect is just their idea of securing that profit. At the end of the day, it's about doing a job and making money. As a group, I can't imagine entire office departments wringing their hands like some super villain plotting to take over the world. Most likely these are law firms on salary justifying their jobs by "doing something" to secure that profit. Evil is evil. It's just that this form of evil is based on logic, not emotion.

Comment Re:Enough with the cloud crap already!! (Score 1) 445

Ok, you bring up a good point regarding cost. Just keep in mind that computers are really cheap with it being more cost-effective to throw away a consumer unit vs spending someone the time to remove a virus. This does not (yet) include the owners doing the work. It's sort of like the $15 CD player (Walmart special) 10 years back. If it broke, you didn't fix them. Recently there was an article about cheap WiFi chips and how they can be put into virtually any electronic device. Apparently the ICs can be made so cheap it's like popping candy out the machine. In 20 years from now, who knows. You might even be able to pour a bucket of liquid nano machines and "paint" iPads on the wall. It's far fetched, but you get the gist - cheap.

With regards to security: Either you trust the input device or you don't. Assuming you trust it, making a secured RPD / Citrix like connection will be a non-issue. The session would be encrypted SSL back to the 'cloud'. All of your browsing, e-mailing, gaming, AutoCAD drawing...etc would be rendered in the cloud. The thin-clint session is basically one advanced remote KVM to the cloud virtual computer. All encapsulated and encrypted end-to-end.

Comment Re:Enough with the cloud crap already!! (Score 2) 445

Yes you do. Well, maybe not *you*, but most people do. Let me present you the future of computing. One day, you won't own a computer. Period. You will walk up to any obsidian black glass table and activate a screen session from anywhere on it. Doesn't matter if it's in your friends house, the hotel, wall, kitchen table. Doesn't matter. From this screen session, you will put in your user credentials and process data via thin-client activity. Everything will be in the cloud.


Marketing departments and hipsters around the world erupt in applause lasting -hours-! Paramedics are on scene to assist with dehydration due to all the tears of joy draining people of precious water. "It's the second coming of Christ" they all say. One person was reported to have said "I was once an atheist, now I found God everywhere." He even tweets back and posts on my Facebook *crying more from joy*. Quick! someone get her some water!

That's the future alright. Yup.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

Marriage in is one of the oldest traditions in human history. Long before Christ. Civilization is rather recent concept by the standards of our species age. The problem with polygamy is that it puts many of the females into the hands of the view men. It's no longer a 1 to 1 ratio. This is a dangerous in that it foments cultural jealousy among men. This doesn't happen over night. It takes a generation or two eventually leading to war and the breakdown of modern civilization.

Basically, the way I see it you can really only pick between the two. Advanced civilization, or polygamy. Do we want to go back to our natural urges, or pave a new path to societal prosperity?

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