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Comment Re:Single pale blue dot (Score 1) 96

Nuking the Moon won't get anyone's attention, it'll just create more mess.

The 3rd rock around this star draws attention because it has copious liquid water, free oxygen in its atmosphere, and has both artificially produced light and sub-atomic particles emitting from it's surface. That should be more than enough to get someone's attention, if they happen to fly by.

Comment Re:Gold and diamonds used to lay on the surface (Score 1) 396

We collected shiny things before writing was invented... But there just weren't enough people picking up shiny rocks to have a significant impact on the available quantities. You are correct though: used to be you could walk up to a stream bed and find "precious" metals and stones just sitting there.

Comment Re:centrifuge (Score 0) 158

What do you do when the rotation has to be shut down? Picture, things have gone to shit. Station is in danger. They had to shut down the rotation to effect repairs on the structure. And you have a triage ward full of victims... You'll need a zero-gee backup plan, even if that's not your primary and preferred methodology.

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