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Comment put it down to cost (Score 1) 635

I was a teen during the period the article claims peak teen driving occurred. ('80's) Back then, you could buy a cheap used car for what you could make at a summer job, gas was less than a dollar/gallon and if you stayed out of trouble insurance prices weren't insane. Now, fuel prices are out of line with inflation, used cars cost a years wages for a typical teen still in high-school, and insurance is out of reach.

Comment Re:you need to read your code book (Score 1) 195

14ga wiring is allowed on 20A heating circuits. It's artificially derated for general purpose circuits for extra safety.

Only because you're talking about a purely resistive load. "general purpose" spec allows for, among other things, inductive loads which can have startup and surge currents several times the nominal value. Some AC compressors draw 6x nominal at start. You shouldn't see much 14gauge, especially NM, in 20A residential circuits and you probably shouldn't be telling folks that it's OK.

Comment Re:Quality? (Score 1) 195

When I bought my house, the home inspector found a couple of wiring issues, which were fixed by the previous owner prior to closing. Since then I have found several more that I corrected. It's not uncommon to find miswired circuits, incorrectly sized circuits or poor connections. Because of the way circuit breakers work and the way circuits are typically loaded, a wiring problem can go unnoticed for decades. Then you plug in a load on a 120V 15A circuit that draws 12 or 15 amps continuously for several hours and a bad connection makes itself known.

Comment Re:Proportion (Score 1) 190

He has a private jet. He's also the CEO of a billion dollar company. You're right, people need to get on with their lives and stop reacting every time someone is in the news because they used the wealth they've managed to acquire. FWIW, my employers travel insurance and healthcare plan would get me to a local hospital for trauma treatment then have me put on a commercial airliner back to the U.S.

Comment Not such a big deal (Score 5, Informative) 190

In the U.S., this would have been handled by a U.S. Coast Guard flight if a private helicopter flight could not be chartered. In the United States the Coast Guard is a separate entity because of the Constitutional limitations of\n having our standing army and navy act as a police force within our own borders. In Ecuador, the Coast Guard is part of their Navy. This is sort of being blown out of proportion by the media because of the lack of understanding where Navy = Coast Guard in this instance.

Comment Re:amateurs (Score 2) 396

I don't care about the boogyman either. He's just in it for the scare. Or perhaps the good representative from California should be given that title. I also get annoyed at the descriptions: "hi-powered rifle" fits any modern rifle big enough to hunt deer. A 7.62x39 (SK and AK ammo, one of the most common in the world) is a relatively tame round, roughly equivalent to a 120 year old .30-30 in terms of muzzle energy. "military style weapon" fits any rifle with a capacity > 3 rounds, an adjustable stock or pistol grip stock and mounting points for accessories, like scopes and flashlights. That loosely fits the description of my deer gun, a shotgun with a slug barrel.

I don't get concerned until there's a real effort by someone who clearly knows wtf they're doing. This looked then, and now, more like someone with a grudge (think ex-employee) trying to cause trouble by cutting a bunch of semi-random phone lines running past the station, then firing a rifle at the transformers. If this was really what is being implied in the article (assuming some reasonably sound intelligence indicates it to be so) my description -- they're a bunch of rank amateurs -- stands. These folks need to stop needlessly scaring people.

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