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Comment Re:That's a whole lot of dirt, but... (Score 1) 247

I think you'll find that the dissolved oxygen is only there because there's an abundance of oxygen in the atmosphere here on Earth. On Mars, there is no (0%) oxygen content in the atmosphere (which is only 0.01% as dense as on Earth anyway); so, there would be ZERO oxygen dissolved in the water on Mars.

Comment Re:Contrary to the other posts in this thread... (Score 1) 380

I hate feeding trolls; but, the Fukushima reactors are an American design. They were a 2nd generation GE BWR plant design using a 1st generation containment design from the early 1960's, which TEPCO, Toshiba and Hitachi continued to copy. They also appear to have not incorporated any of the safety updates implemented in U.S. plants of the same design. There are quite a few plants, in the U.S., still operating, that are of similar design.

Comment Re:Defense? Declassified? (Score 1) 337

When was the Department of Defense put in charge of health matters?

They're not. if you read the report, it discusses how they handle the loss of manpower and resources necessary to maintain force. It's normal for them to periodically assess what would happen if... and how they would continue to function in those scenarios. The discussion assumes they have to support civilian population because of the mass casualties and because they are so very, very dependent upon the civilian population and manufacturing base for their support.

Why was the country's response to the flu classified in the first place?

First, this is a military response plan to a pandemic. Some aspects of a military response would, of course, be classified. Second, they don't want to induce panic. Or engender complaints. A simple example... They might leave out the lines that read: "Mass casualties are to be placed in pits, the bodies burned, and then buried using available backfill material."

Comment Re:this research makes some untenable assumptions (Score 1) 337

I should have been more clear. No one, iregardless of weight can go "a long time" without eating. a couple of weeks to a month, I believe, is the safe limit. There are plenty of studies... Beyond that, well... go too long and a person begins to suffer organ damage as your body begins to break down tissues in search of proteins; or can't make the proteins necessary to keep the organs healthy. It's not a matter of how much fat reserve a person has... although having fat reserve does allow a person to last somewhat longer. However, a person with fat reserves can tap that reserve in times of famine and go much longer on a much reduced caloric intake. There has to be some intake of proteins and amino acids that the body just can't make or you go right back to my previous statement, ending in organ failure.

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