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Comment Re:Comodo? (Score 1) 127

That is actually the first thing I did when I read the original post. Seems to work exactly the same for email purposes at least and everyone I sent mail to was able to decrypt etc. I also found the getting the cert process much easier. I didn't have to create an account and the email saying my cert was ready only took about 1 minute, I think i've waited close to 15 minutes for thawte certs in the past.

Hopefully they don't follow the same fate at thawte did.

Submission + - AT&T Asks FCC to Investigate Google Voice (

chicagoan writes: "It seems that AT&T hasn't taken too nicely to all the bad press they have been getting in the Google-Apple-AT&T fiasco. Google Inc.'s Google Voice service is improperly preventing consumers from calling certain phone numbers, violating federal call-blocking rules, AT&T Inc. said Friday in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission."

Submission + - Google barks back at Microsoft over Chrome Frame s (

CWmike writes: "Google hit back at Microsoft on Friday, defending the security of its new Chrome Frame plug-in and claiming that the software actually makes Internet Explorer (IE) safer and more secure. "Accessing sites using Google Chrome Frame brings Google Chrome's security features to Internet Explorer users," said a Google spokesman today. "It provides strong phishing and malware protection, absent in IE6, robust sandboxing technology [in IE6 and on Windows XP], and defenses from emerging online threats that are available in days rather than months." On Thursday, Microsoft warned users that they would double their security problems by using Chrome Frame, the plug-in that provides better JavaScript performance and adds support for HTML 5 to Microsoft's browser."

13-Year-Old Trades iPod For a Walkman For a Week 354

BBC Magazine convinced 13-year-old Scott Campbell to trade in his iPod for a Walkman for a week and see what he thought. Scott thinks the iPod wins when it comes to sound quality, color, weight, and the shuffle feature. The Walkman, however, offers two headphone sockets, making it much easier to listen to music with a friend. My favorite part of the review is, "It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape. That was not the only naive mistake that I made; I mistook the metal/normal switch on the Walkman for a genre-specific equalizer, but later I discovered that it was in fact used to switch between two different types of cassette."

Submission + - Samsung ships first 16GB DDR3 modules ( 1

Slatterz writes: South Korean chipmaker Samsung said that it has shipped its first 16GB DDR3 memory modules. The new modules use a 50 nanometer manufacturing process and operate at a 1.35 volt power level. The modules use the higher density and more efficient 2Gb process Samsung first announced last September. While prices for DDR3 remain high, the modules are widely expected to take over the market in the coming years as prices fall and buyers opt for its higher data transfer rates and power savings.

Submission + - Building your own Solar Panel in your Garage (

jeroen8 writes: "A Dutch guy was able to build his own solar panel in his garage which is 3 times less expensive than mass produced solar panels currently available on European market. He bought his solar cells on eBay and created his own solar panel. His cost price is only 1.20 euro per Watt Peak (Wp). This makes you wonder if we are not paying too much for mass produced solar panels, which should in theory be a lot less expensive than something you create in your garage. What do you think? Are we paying to much?"

Submission + - Baby monitor receives broadcast from space! (

Raver32 writes: "Young parents Tom and Natalie Meilinger, of Palatine, Ill., a northwest Chicago suburb, may have thought they'd entered the Twilight Zone when, earlier this week, they glanced at the baby monitor that normally shows pictures of their son's crib and instead saw ... astronauts. Aware that 3½-month-old Jack wasn't yet walking, let alone walking in space, they knew almost immediately what they were seeing. (Natalie, after all, is a science teacher.) The images were of astronauts gliding weightlessly through the cabin of the space shuttle Atlantis, about 100 kilometres above Earth."

Submission + - Google Images Undisclosed Face Recognition Feature

alberion writes: The Google image search has an undisclosed face recognition feature. Just add "&imgtype=face" to the url of an image search result to check it out. Can we expect individual face recognition in the future? How will this affect people's privacy?

Submission + - Scientists develop 40% efficient solar cells

gtada writes: A story published on states 'Scientists from Spectrolab, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing, have recently published their research on the fabrication of solar cells that surpass the 40% efficiency milestone — the highest efficiency achieved for any photovoltaic device. Their results appear in a recent edition of Applied Physics Letters.' How much longer until we all have paneled roofs?

Submission + - Zero Day Hole in Google Desktop (

40by40 writes: A Web application security specialist has figured out a way to launch man-in-the-middle attacks against a computer with a fully patched Google Desktop installed. With knowledge of the Google Desktop security model (a combination of one-time tokens, iFrames and JavaScript), hacker Robert Hansen figured out a way to sit between a target launching a Google search query and manipulate the search results to take control of other programs on the desktop.
The Internet

Submission + - What do do when your domain registrar screws up?

melonman writes: You register your domain with a a major registrar that is owned by a huge backbone provider. Then, when your domain comes up for renewal, they debit your account, produce an invoice for renewing the domain, but don't renew the domain. Your mail starts bouncing, your website vanishes. You google the problem and find that you are not alone. You contact support, and never receive a response. It looks like your domains are about to be lost, and that it will then cost $300 to reclaim them... That's the current state of several domains that our company manages for third parties. What are the options for regaining control over your domains when your registrar screws up and refuses to talk to you?

Submission + - World's smallest hardware firewall?

An anonymous reader writes: An Israeli startup has squeezed a complete hardware firewall into a USB key. The "Yoggie Pico" from Yoggie Systems runs Linux 2.6 along with 13 security applications on a 520MHz PXA270, a powerful Intel processor typically used in high-end smartphones. The Pico works in conjunction with Windows XP or Vista drivers that hijack traffic at network layers 2-3, below the TCP/IP stack, and route it to USB, where the Yoggie analyzes and filters traffic at close-to-100Mbps wireline speeds. The device will hit big-box retailers in the U.S. this month.

Submission + - Prof denied tenure for Intelligent Design belief

isabull writes: Two Iowa State University (ISU) faculty members of the department that rejected astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez's tenure application have admitted that his work on intelligent design played a role in the department's denial of tenure. "What possible academic reason was there to deny tenure to a candidate who met or exceeded every requirement?" asked Dr. John West, associate director of Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture, the nation's leading think-tank supporting research into the scientific theory of intelligent design. "This is clearly a case of viewpoint discrimination and an attack on Dr. Gonzalez's academic freedom and free speech rights." command=view&id=4064&program=CSC%20-%20Views%20and %20News

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