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Comment Re:I don't understand... (Score 2) 470

A lot of loans are indexed to LIBOR or the Fed Funds rate. Fed Funds rate is what interest the Fed demands be paid to lend money to banks. LIBOR is what interest rates banks in London say they will charge other banks to borrow money. It's a system that shouldn't even exist, since it is literally a daily survey. Each bank gives their answer, none are discarded as outliers, and the figures are averaged. I'm surprised it took so long to manipulate LIBOR to be honest.

Comment Re:Not the ISP's problem (Score 1) 317

Most companies, at least from a revenue standpoint, make money from products. Who do you think is paying for the ads? Even if you assume the average company spends 10% of revenue on ads (Which is a really high number, I think), you have ten times as many companies producing that making money from advertising (10/11ths of the revenue accruing to producers, with 1/11th going to advertisers. Yes, I know 1/11th is getting counted twice, but since it's a result of production twice, I think it's appropriate).

Comment Re:Its all in the language (Score 1) 210

Considering your sig equates anti-gun with pro-rape, your opposition to my logic is unsurprising.

Labeling your opponent, then arguing based on that label is neither a fair, nor reasonable approach. If you don't agree with how someone labels them self, then argue against that label. Don't just unilaterally change it, then harp on that change.

And if you want to ban everything that protects rapists, start with condoms. I look forward to your "pro-condom is pro-rape" campaign.

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