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Comment Re:We found that broken code was a better test (Score 1) 776

Most people have bills to pay and you can be sued for slavery (free labor) from some gohappy lawyer.

A simple test for SQL or logic an weed people fine. If they can handle something logically in 10 minutes then they probably can solve bigger problems in the timelines required.

Yep.. and those who refuse to solve the small problems might refuse to solve the real, bigger ones, too...

Too many underpaid and underappreciated workers mixed with overcompensated and underqualified. It is time to even it out morel.


Comment Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 776

I think you failed if it was a trick question and the trick was to recognize that you have prior knowledge of the input and make use of that.
Bsides that, as a matter of style: you used magic numbers (4. by the way, it should have been 5 as it is the size, not a 0-based position). If this was real stuff and a bit longer, and you'd have to revisit it in 5 years, you might change only one of those numbers and break the code.

likewise, if using a const int size = 5, x will ALWAYS be (size - y), so I would do away with that x alltogether.

But my whole point is the question "what is efficient"? But for that we'd definitly need to know if 1,2,3,4,5 is the actual data or some placeholder. If it is only an example that might stand for "any kind of array of any size", you might be terribly memory inefficient by creating a second array of the same size. instead of doing it in place in a loop counting from 0 to size/2 and swapping [i] with [size-1-i]

Comment Re:We found that broken code was a better test (Score 1) 776

Wow. Quite arrogant. What do they expect to do in an interview as an unpaid problem solving demonstration? "Real world" problems that take multiple day projects to solve? Offer them a 30-days unpaid internship if they want to do actual work instead of an interview.

The only reason to refuse would be if it isn't related to the job you're applying for. Or ask why they require programming skills from i.e. janitors or project managers.

Comment Re:The meter is based on the speed of light (Score 1, Informative) 177

The meter is based on the speed of light.

You can't define a distance based on speed.

You need a well defined speed AND TIME unit.

It doesn't get any better from there...

Then zero the scale with that weight, and fill the container with absolutely pure water. The weight of that water is exactly 1 kg. No special reference needed (although you can make a reference from this).

When do you consider it "full"? Water has the nasty habit to form a spherical surface due to surface tension. Do you consider it full when the middle or the border is aligned with the "full" mark on your comtainer? And good luck getting any "absolutely pure" water that does not fall apart into ions and reforms all the time... look up the definition of ph-value. millions of hydrogen ions are making water not acidic.

Comment Re:What about invasion of privacy? (Score 1) 278

It's a company that competes with other companies for my money.

I give my money to the company that fullfillis my needs best.

And that will be the company that analyses my needs in the best way.

With simple people counting, you can set up a park that appeals to the average masses. If I want a more individual experience, I need to give up some individual information.

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