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Comment Re: FBI shits on the constitution. (Score 3) 802

You can say no and be sent to jail for contempt, indefinitely, while your lawyer attempts to get the courts to see your vision of constitutional rights vindicated.

Anyway, having been established as having child porn, I think the person in question is fucked. It's just a matter of degrees.

Comment Re:FBI shits on the constitution. (Score 1) 802

The Judge said that Feldman didn't have to decrypt the drives to prove he owns it. Since he doesn't claim, the FBI can more or less do what they want with it, and having done so discovered sufficient evidence on the drive to establish that he does in fact own it. Enough to convince the judge that possession is established and thus he must decrypt the drives.

Apparently self-incrimination was tied to ownership, not cryptography.

Comment Re:Something It Isn't (Score 1) 775

Maybe because it isn't so much "wearable computing" as it is "wearable Google-centric media player"???

It isn't so much that it is a "wearable Google-centric media player", it is that it is not a "wearable Apple-centric media player". Apple doesn't like to be one upped. No doubt they have a similar project, and are not releasing it because it has not met their standards of readiness, but it always seems to boil down to "Apple marketing hasn't told us we want it yet".

Sure, people are legitimately worried about privacy, but that ship sailed years ago.

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