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Comment Re:This is a good idea. (Score 0) 267

At worst, well, there's all sorts of possibilities for that.

I'm not sure exactly what my parents would have done, it would have ranged anywhere from calling the cops ("No mom, I just deal, I don't use this shit, are you serious?") to throwing me in rehab ("So what? Everyone's doing it!"), to throwing me in some touchy feely program designed to get kids back from the brink ("No, it was just a joke OK? Some guy on the internet said we should text our parents and I did!").

Honestly the police option seems the least disgusting, I'd rather risk prison rape than people talking to me in soft voices about how I feel. I might be tempted to kill them, and I might lack the impulse control to stop myself after a few days in the program. Certainly if I didn't have the impulse control to stop myself texting them in the first place, this is a real risk.

Anyway, this seems like an incredibly unfunny sort of joke that could go horribly wrong.

Comment Re:I sucked because I was pressureed to being suck (Score 2) 297

Exactly. If someone asks me for an impossible prediction, I will give them what they asked for with unyielding confidence. When faced with the inaccuracy of my prediction, I will continue, with confidence, in giving equally inaccurate predictions in the future.

My real algorithm is as follows:
Is it fun/interesting to do? If yes, feel the room and give an estimate that will keep the project from being killed. Else, give a long enough estimate that can withstand cross examination that hopefully will kill the project. Regardless of what I answer, management will cross examine my estimate using their own equally inaccurate measurements and assessments, if I deliver with anything less than absolute confidence I will be smashed. You see, the bullshit is layered upon the bullshit, then convoluted by management bullshit, into spectral bullshit that makes for a great power-point.

If you want an accurate assessment of how long something that has never been done will take, you're asking for the impossible. If you want an accurate assessment of how long something that has been done before many, many times will take, either a) you're not in technology in the US, we don't do "competition" here, or b) I'll tell you 75 years because I really don't want to do that anyway.

Comment Re:Sweden is not the US (Score 1) 542

Ok but that's not correct in terms of US politics. The point is Mitt didn't think he needed to build any bridges to the left to win, that the swing voters would be enough. He was wrong, he lost. This may be the anomaly: that someone would blatantly be on a platform of "screw half of you". He really thought he'd win, and he was close enough to be scary.

The US is known for very individualistic thinking, that's what differentiates us from many countries. The upside to individualism is that generally personal freedom is valued higher than social good. The downside is that personal gain is also valued above social good, and we elect people who are openly self-centered.

I think in this sense Sweden is fairly opposite the US in culture. From what I know of the place, their politics run far more to social benefit above individual need.

Comment Re:One cause (Score 1) 419

I would argue the other way: most kids coming out of colleges with EE degrees are overqualified for the careers they will go in to, and will quickly get bored, angry and burnt out.

Why spend 4+ years studying hard math and physics, and having to actually work for your degree when your job leaving school is going to consist of:
- Project management
- People management
- Ensuring cheap, less qualified foreign labor isn't obviously screwing up
- Flying to some of the worst, most godforsaken cities in some of the worst, most godforsaken countries

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