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Comment What About Madden? (Score -1, Interesting) 332

From the article: "At least in the short term, Madden's name will stay on the pro football game, rather than being replaced by ESPN or another brand."

I think it would be kind of silly for them to ink a deal with ESPN but not with Madden's current employer ABC. Hell, they're owned by the same parent company (Disney) and Monday Night Football (and ABC show, of course) has already dabbled in the video game market.

I'd expect it of EA to make sure that they had the rights to use of the ABC properties as well, although it will be interesting to see if they somehow incorporate ESPN Sunday Night Football into the Madden franchise.
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Journal Journal: Posting Blocked - Three Updates, Ban's Gone 1

Well, it looks like I can't post because of too many negative moderations that were done by some people who don't like what I have to say. It's been happening for a while and it finally seems that they got their way...

But we'll see if we can't get this little hitch taken care of. If this journal post is indeed successful, I'll write responses by editing this entry.


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Journal Journal: Hopefully This Title Won't Get Changed... 2

Well, turns out I ended up getting a story on the main page, entitled The Politics of the Video Game. However, that was not the one I chose for the story. The title I came up with was Are Politics in Video Games Plaguing Your Brain? The title that michael gave my article was the same as the linked article's subtitle.
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Journal Journal: Angry Mod 10

Wow, somebody's hitting up my comments. They went through certain recent posts of mine and started downmodding them on a few, using the overrated qualifier. I noticed it happening while they were working on it. It affected around three to four posts.

Well, to whomever might be doing it, have fun. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
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Journal Journal: Your $rtbl Story 5

Well, as I've been browsing around it seems that more and more people are dealing with the same situation that I am. A lot of those mods love to hammer people with opinions different than the majority with the $rtbl.
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Journal Journal: Have I Been $rtbl'd? EDIT: It Seems So... 3

Well, despite having excellent karma at the time of this post, I can't get any +1 posting bonus. Ever since I've enabled reporting of metamoderation results (not long after I was able to metamoderate), no results have been shown. I've never been able to moderate, yet I haven't been posting anywhere below neutral for quite some time.
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Journal Journal: Time to Fix the Moderation System, Davey 10

Lately, every post that I have made that ends up getting a score of five has been moderated down with the qualifier of overrated. I've felt this way for a while, but the overrated qualifier should be done away with.

In fairness, the underrated qualifier should go to. I think that if you are going to moderate a post, you should have a good reason.
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Journal Journal: Fuck Slashdot 15

Wow, leftist assholes (not claiming that all of you are assholes, now) who don't want to argue their opinion like to downmod you just because they disagree with you. I don't care where you stand in the political realm, do you really think it's fair that you get shut out of a conversation because you disagree with the Slashdot status quo? To see why I'm pissed, read my "Howard Dean's a pussy." Now, Slashdot won't let me comment anymore today because of their fucked up Karma model, but yet Anonym
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Journal Journal: Stupid system 2

I'm forced to post at -1 because of making posts moderated as Funny. Thanks Slashdot! Is anybody else in the same position?

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