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Comment Re:the usual nonsense (Score 1) 541

As for temp workers, what do you expect? The more difficult the government makes it to hire and fire workers and the more paperwork and cost is associated with hiring/firing, the more employers will simply hand off the risk of hiring to other companies. Obamacare and e-Verify will cause even more employers to rely on temp agencies.

Then the answer would be to make all third party/less-than-FT employment, including staffing agencies, a conscious choice that has to compete with a direct-hire default - for any skill level. Otherwise you just advocate for something similar to monopsony power, which is not to be mistaken for "flexibility" or "just in time labor".

That, and you also seem to be interested in illegals enough to not want to verify employment. Would it be correct to say that you dislike SB1070(and like laws passed in Alabama and Georgia) given that it removes another captive supply of labor, illegals?

Comment Enjoy the ALEC Flavor-aid? Look at Ohio, then. (Score 2, Interesting) 541

Unfortunately for you, the Buckeye State managed to defeat a stricter-than-Walker bill and the state is still doing fine. It also helps that the Republicans here know well enough to leave labor relations issues alone lest they incur a third 1958-level event.

If you want an example of how labor and business can cooperate, Ohio would be one of the better examples. Certain must-pass bills that are considered business-friendly in other states (the ALEC-written, multiply deployed Walker bill as well as the Ohio-defeat-by-referendum-inspired RTW bill) are not necessarily considered business friendly. That, and against the trend for transplants to opt for worker-hostile states (read: the entire South), Honda chose to locate itself in Marysville.

Certainly there's plenty of pressure against the state to harmonize itself with the South, but I don't expect it to be a law-violating lockstep action.

(Before you start citing the departure of NCR as evidence of business hostility, they were already on their way out in the 1990's)

Comment The biggest reason to have RTW apply to them. (Score 1) 541

Bring in the idea of competing with more secure forms of employment and that can be made to change - where it cannot be a condition of employment to accept anything less than full-time/full-benefit work. To prevent a European-style response of stalled hiring, have the unemployed and new entrants become a protected hiring class as long as they've got less than 10 years of contiguous direct-hire (read: not with anyone like Kelly's staffing services) employment - which restarts on loss of employment.

If it's really about flexibility, then one's business model should not depend on desperate people or the circumvention of benefits - but of advantages that can compete with secure employment at any skill level. Otherwise it is about the control of desperate, disposable people - and nothing more.

Otherwise, this concept of less-secure and disposable employment needs to be killed from orbit with fire, just to be sure.

Comment Re:It's not age discrimination (Score 2) 432

You shouldn't be treated differently just because you hire people, if you hire people, you shouldn't lose rights and people you hire shouldn't get any special privileges.

The problem is that the employer can do more damage to more people versus the people that seek and perform work. You act as if owning a business should be worthy of divine status while workers are a problem.

Or have you not understood the idea of monospony power(and no, not through any Randian interpretations of such)? Then again, your ideals combine the worst of Rand (all of it), and combine them with Taylorism. Expecting someone with those ideals is hardly able to consider that, much less the idea that working for someone as an equal peer is no less noble than being someone that people seek for work.

There is a market to solve all of these issues, be it pay or whatever

The problem with your statement is that it leaves too much in the employers' favor.
Cases in point, the abuse of temporary labor as a second-class form of work as well as the catch-22 situation of employment status which would break easily if one were to grant protected hiring status to the unemployed (say, for 10 years contiguous employment with the same direct-hire/non-temp company - and resets/stops in the favor of the worker). To handle the temp abuse, just apply RTW laws to staffing agencies, temporary work, and every non-secure form of employment - to where it has to be a conscious and competitive choice to give up security.

Comment To head off the problem... (Score 1) 432

Perhaps age discrimination laws(never mind employment status discrimination or even discriminating against US citizens!) need to gain some teeth and be applied a lot lower than 40.

While there might be "a great deal of employers", they operate something like monopsony power and a lot of them need to have their entitlement mentality smacked right out of them to change that.

Comment Is the CPC that desperate to tap people? (Score 1) 125

"Huawei, in collaboration with China Mobile, has successfully deployed 4G services on Mount Everest, about 5,200 meters above sea level. Announcing the development, Huawei revealed that work was completed last month and users can now access 4G services like streaming live HD videos from the base camp on the mountain."

Given that Huawei is more or less an arm of the Chinese government, those services might as well be a glorified CPC tap - with the same restrictions as those placed within the PRC.

(oh, and before someone talks about a certain US TLA, your own people don't die or disappear when it acts - unlike China which does it if you look the wrong way at the wrong person)

Comment Re:Well, (Score 1) 343

The next-gen consoles being offered by Sony and MS hardly touch what's available for high-end PCs today. They are a modest improvement over the 360 and PS3. They aren't going to win back people who've jumped ship to high-end PCs. The main reason they can't compete with PCs is cost. No one's going to pay $2000 for a console with high-end specs. Even a $500 price point is viewed as too expensive by a lot of people.

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