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Submission + - Genetic Based Match Making (

Cirvam writes: "According to this article, the online dating site okCupid is now requiring users to submit a blood sample to be matched properly with their new matching system. Supposedly it will provide better compatibility and matching by analyzing your genetic predisposition to the other people on the site. While it is free, it is not an optional service so all new users and all existing users will be required to submit their blood sample. While I'm not sure that this will actually help people match up better it seems like this really forces and other dating sites to up their ante."

Submission + - LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside

acassis writes: "LinuxBIOS is a BIOS replacement. You can use it to start Linux from Hard Disk or even using Linux inside BIOS flash. This work show LinuxBIOS with Linux and graphic mode inside the BIOS flash. There is used a tiny X Server known as Kdrive (formely tinyx). The graphic mode and window manager (MatchBox) starts in 8s.
See yourself:
More info about this system: =LinuxBIOS_Graphical"

Submission + - Amazon... we have a (password) problem...

poodlehat writes: "I was on earlier today to check on an order I placed. I went to log in, and accidentally appended some extra characters to the end of my password. Me, being a lazy typist, decided to hit enter and re-enter my password on the inevitable login rejection screen. Well, imagine my surprise when the site let me straight into my account! I logged back out and intentionally typed something completely wrong in the password field and got rejected, so it it definitely only checking up to the number of characters in the stored password. This seems totally unacceptable to me — the two "keywords" should have to match exactly, right? Or is this behavior considered acceptable in the security world? I tried to find a technical contact at, the customer service page just doesn't feel like it would cut it on this one... anyone have a contact?"

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