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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 628

He talks about "taking down a sound system". For 17 people? Ridiculous. He talks of hiring a generator and a marquee. He says he spend £800 on the event. >£50 per person for a barbeque? Ridiculous.

You are very naive.

While I am not British and I admit to being unfamiliar with such details of your culture I have to loudy call BULLSHIT on your retort. I have attended and hosted numerous private parties which cost more that US$100 per person when all was said and done - complete with lighting and huge Peavey stacks pumping out the jams. None of these events were intended as nor turned out to be 100+ person 'raves'. It just happens that my brother played bass in a number of bands in the 80's and 90's and still has the 'kit'. According assinine thinking such as you present here I should never be allowed to borrow/use this gear for a small private function??

Enjoying an evening on pirvate property with a small group of friends and family is 'rediculous' if you splurge a little bit on some surf and turf while listining to tunes on an excellent sound system and using *GASP* a generator???

Makes me simultaneously quite happy that my ancestors fled your oppressive state back in the late 1680's and rather fearful that such twisted thinking is become the norm across the globe.

Sadly, here in the US it is getting to be more likely that this type of gathering will be shut down because the State has declared your private property a 'wetland' and your presence there is endangering the mosquitos.

My advice to the remaining free citizens of the world: throw all the fucking parties you can now before you no longer have ANY rights.

Rediculous my hairy yellow butt...

Comment Re:You guys are disgusting (Score 1) 658

Only if you're a black celebrity. Nobody's calling Ted Kennedy a murderer, even though he's as guilty as O.J. do realize that you are calling yourself a racist with the OJ reference, right? just to clarify: YOU are assuming OJ is guilty even though he was found not guilty of a crime...

As far as the Teddy K. point - you obviously do not listen to much polictical TV/radio - Chappaquiddick comes up frequently. While it is certainly not a topic covered with sort of enthusiasm by CNN or The View it does come up so your over-broad statement that 'nobody' is calling him a murdered is just flat wrong...perhaps you hang out with the wrong crowd and therefore never hear it discussed?

so, nice try - but perhaps you should get your own prejudice under control before you call others out...just sayin'

Comment Re:You guys are disgusting (Score 1) 658

...a polarizing figure was railroaded by our justice system...

err, as I recall MJ was never convicted of anything [ for example...], so how, exactly, was he railroaded by the justice system?? He got off BECAUSE he was a celeb [re:OJ for another such case]

I know of a guy [a friend of my brother, who is neither rich nor a celebrity in any fashon] who spent time in prison for molesting his 16 yr old step-daughter. He was eventually released after the girl confessed several years later that her alcoholic mother convinced her to make up the story so she (the mother) would end up with the house, bank acct, etc. I believe he is STILL on one or more sex offender lists and his life is ruined forever (it comes up in job interviews, etc). THAT is being railroaded by the 'justice' system.

MJ had his day in court and walked. So, if by 'railroaded' you mean that his immense wealth and fame bought off a jury then I would have to agree...otherwise, not so much...

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