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Comment Piece of Cake (Score 3, Informative) 547

Remove your files and profiles manually, then delete your windows user account. Create a new one, and use one of the many delete utilities (Like Hard Disk Scrupper) to wipe out the present free space so they cannot be recovered.

If you work for the NSA, that might not be good enough, but it should be for the majority of people.

Comment Re:Lots of good stuff about Google, but . . (Score 2) 82

Their wallet, checkout, or whatever really does suck.

As a merchant, I've found Google Checkout to be quite useful. It's API has more features than Paypal's, and it's Order Processing interface is far superior to any other I've used. It allows me to send multiple tracking numbers to a customer, which Paypal STILL does not allow. Searching and archiving is far easier in Checkout. And don't forget about speed. Paypal's site is abysmally slow, while Checkout is lighting quick in just about every function. Generating reports is immediate, while Paypal makes you wait anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

That being said, their Help and Support is virtually non-existent. No phone support whatsoever. Email support is usually canned answers only. You'll find many forum posts of Google Checkout users begging for help and rarely finding it.

Checkout definitely needs help, but it has Paypal beat as far as merchants are concerned. Now if only it had Paypal's market share...

Comment Forget versions if you're pumping them out this... (Score 4, Insightful) 495

Since they're pumping out versions as fast as Chrome, why not do what Chrome does and make the version # irrelevant?

How many people know what version of Chrome they're running? I sure don't know. But Firefox trumpets the "new" Firefox on every release.

If you're going to do a rapid release schedule, you've made the version number meaningless to your average user.

Comment Re:JavaScript (Score 1) 510

When I got the opportunity to teach a programming class for the local Home Link group, I chose Javascript because of the network lockdowns that the admins had put in place in the classroom. That way I avoided running into any permissions problems or having to reinstall a compiler or JVM every time we had a class.

It worked great as a beginning course. The ability to just run the script in the browser, and to build something "cool" in a matter of minutes, really opened their eyes to a whole new world on the computer. A number of them have gone onto getting their CS degree, which is rather gratifying.

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