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Comment Re:Ardour (Score 2) 223

Depending on your workflow, sharing audio sessions with other people can be as simple as exporting relevant tracks making sure they are easily resynced together (for example exporting the whole audio interval for each track), or as difficult as "You gotta have same audio program and plugins and same versions". If your sharing problem involves sw programs or versions, your problem is worse than sharing, it's archiving.

There is no guarantee that today's most used audio will be viable tomorrow, so I suggest to keep plain audio and midi of your stuff always and pick the sw that you prefer.

There are multimedia distros with live DVD: avlinux, dream studio, artistx, ubuntu studio...

Check out their offerings, it's not like you can't download a fully functional copy. Audacity is great for simple retouches, you want a DAW or a sequencer with audio editing functions for anything more complex.

Comment Re:Who controls the software that produces the dat (Score 1) 722

No way the consumer can control the data. If he could alter it, he could claim innocence while he is liable. So the "carputer" (it's an ugly name so somebody is going to use it eventually) will be closed source or DRM. It's great for public transport, but not for something you want to call My car.

Comment Re:He gave away his login.... (Score 1) 262

/. is not like other sites. There are numerous experts in numerous technical fields on this site. It's a stomping ground for an experts to provide opinions in their area of expertise without a "Company Slogan" involved. It also has subjects more political in nature where those same strong opinions abound. While there are a few kids, sock puppets, shills, etc... the majority of the audience here is intelligent.

Sounds good! maybe you could post a link to this wonderful site?

I am writing this because you forgot to mention trolls.

Comment Re:First Post! (Score 2) 530

> god can not detect any change in the universe.
No, a theoretical external observer who looks at things the same way we do, does not detect change. That this encompasses the concept of God is to be demonstrated.

On a side note, Christians will quote Mt. 10:30 and say their God is quite capable, and others may object that a hypothetical creator of an abstraction is not bound by the rules of the abstraction itself, so you cannot exclude any capability.

Comment Re:No video in the link (Score 1) 242

Uh.. this is slashdot, you DO NOT observe the article anyway, or strange things may occur.

Speaking of strange, why do we keep calling stuff like this "strange"? at a microscopic level matter behave differently, ok. Had we mostly experience of quantum states, we would classify classical mechanic strange.
It is what it is. Model it with known concepts if you can, but don't try to fit everything in existing categories.

Comment Re:Sorry, but we NEED our new techno gadgets in ti (Score 1) 196

Except we never had a chance to choose.

Because if we had any real and informed choice between product A whose money stays in the local economy and product B foxconn style, we'd have chosen A even if we had to fork more money.
Because it's better to fork more money and have an income and some rights, like western economies did before the 90s, than race to the bottom and have the whole economy race with you. "Sorry, for us to be competitive you have to work more hours". "Sorry, for us to be competitive you have to work for less". "Sorry, for us to be competitive you have to get lost".

Instead, in practice, we have to choose between brand A and B, both supported by the same financial system that in the 1990s decided to bring down western economy by lowering consumption using job flexibility as an excuse to take a sense of security away. No matter what economic indicators say, no sense of security means less consumption.

Comment Re:Except... (Score 0) 233

> It always amazes me on Slashdot what negative attitude some posters have.

On one hand, those who do, do; those who don't... rant on forums.
On the other hand, for all the products and ideas out there, if you always say "meh" you are statistically more right than if you always said "wow".
On the other other hand, even successful products suck. The ipod still sucks (no plain storage of music as files) the iphone and androids still suck (powerful as 15yr old computers, do 10% of what 15yr old pc can do and 300% of what PC cannot do and you don't want them to do either, namely locating you and eavesdropping on you all the time).
On the other other other hand, Ranting is justified only if you try to do something about it too.

Comment Re:My wife worked there for 25 years (Score 3, Insightful) 477

You are perfectly right, but the system is working as intended, it is very simple: what do people in charge use to control the others? currently, money. Therefore money must be the most powerful medium. Therefore all interference to the power of money must be removed. Culture, scruples, old style political, religious and military power. Some removals are healthy, some not. The overall effect is subtle and powerful slavery.The story of the last centuries is the story of the progressive removal of such impediments.

Are current HR practices turning workers into expendable drones with no whatsoever care for anything in their company except the money? Perfect. That is paired with managers who have no whatsoever care, and even knowledge about the product they sell. How in hell they get to power positions? Simple, they interface with, and obey the rules of the financial system.

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