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Comment 200$ is fine (Score 2) 182

Please slashdot, direct me to the 200$ camera that makes good shots, and video (this is 2013, cameras should do video without too much moire or sensor overheat) of low light theater settings.

I was thinking a nikon 5200 with some hdmi recording to compensate for the 29 mins recording artificial limit. Or a non eu market panasonic gx7 which looks cooler. All of the above means shelling out some $$$.

Comment Re: FFS (Score 1) 456

Indeed, it's a pity that the OP f*cked up a rather interesting point: homosexuality is not an equivalent position to heterosexuality, because we can't all resort to it. If science comes to the rescue with an artificial way to procreate, I bet in short term society loses control over natural birth, in a "brave new world" fashion.

It's an academic point, anyway. If some group of citizens wants to run a cafeteria, you can't tell them not to because "we can't all run cafeterias, we'd run out of clients". Yet nobody can't claim the services sector (cafeterias) is like agriculture.

Comment Re:Gay community takes themselves down a notch? (Score 1) 456

Yes, let's remove the homosexual issue altogether, what if the guy said "redhead" instead of gay.

Barilla won't feature any redhead models for its ads, if redhead like Barilla they would buy it anyway.

Something wrong with that? can people have preferences anymore, for themselves or for the entities they manage?

Gays are often under threats? nail THOSE RESPONSIBLE. No prob. But leave opinions alone. After defending the right of gays shall we begin to defend the rights of homophobes? Can't we simply respect the ideas of other people as long as they don't mess with our own freedom?

Comment Re: Megalomanic (Score 2) 290

> Without lawsuit troubles, GNU and Linux would likely have never existed AND we'd be better off.

Why all the whine? BSD was way more successful than GNU, and you can reap the benefits of the "complete freedom of the developer" model, today -> buy a mac, comrade consumer.

Comment Re:Some people... (Score 1) 621

> the existence of a creator in a quantifiable way.

the meta existence of a creator, you mean? because a creator can't be fully included in its creation, if it did it would not create but simply "be".

If a guy tells you "I saw a pink unicorn and it told me he is God" it makes sense, logically. "I am" is a valid assertion made from the point of view of a hypothetical god. Its meaning is undiscoverable, but who cares.

Instead, your "quantifiable" applied to a meta world has no meaning, because existence is not necessarily defined the same way it is defined here. "Nobody in history quantified the existence of a god" is formally equivalent to "nobody in history discovered the smell of purple".

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