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Comment Re:Same as any other potential fraud. (Score 1) 223

while I'm mostly agreeing that the "globalization" (increased interdependence from a complex system with the room of buttons placed far away the single citizen) makes us slaves in essence, I think society has a little right to frown upon people removing themselves from it, unless they made up for the effort society made in bringing them up. Your own family's effort is especially difficult to be offset.

Comment Re:There are legitimate Twitter users? (Score 1) 45

No no it's real. There are twitter users who are actual persons.
For example :"Hey look at this product, it's awesome and with an affordable price tag. I am using it without problem for months!" is clearly a cheap twitbot, while "OMG LOST MATCH AGAIN DAAAAAMN!!!!1!" is clearly the product of a human brain.

Comment Re:Ok, sure... (Score 1) 164

First, it was a CAR analogy, which can't possibly be bad, by definition.
Second, they do not resist cloning. They don't consider cloning as an equivalent to sexual reproduction. One could make a register with all the horses who actually were sons of couples who liked each other instead of being "forced" to copulate and not consider human assisted sexual reproduction as natural sexual reproduction. We would then be talking about a very conceptual barrier, so what? There is still no justification for third parties to step in and tell them which are the parameters for being included in the registry. Make another registry and STFU.

Comment Re:Define consciousness please (Score 1) 151

QM don't use consciousness, but they don't exclude it. When/if they will be able to predict with 100% accu future interaction of matter, they will have excluded it, not earlier.

Example, what is AAAAAABAAAAAABAAAAAAB? A phenomenon easily represented by a function. It is also a map of my morning preferences (a=cafeteria, b=stay home). It is more than 90% accurate and doesn't use consciousness. Yet my choice could be conscious (if such concept exists) regardless of it.

Comment Re:Ok, sure... (Score 1) 164

There is no artificial scarcity here, there is natural scarcity and artificial abundance due to possible cloning. The keeper of the register do not want to consider clones, fine. Somebody else will do it? fine. This has nothing to do with patents, they did not patent what was already there, nor invent and claim anything.

Comment Re:Ok, sure... (Score 4, Insightful) 164

It's not a monopoly if the item is scarce. What if I built an exact replica of a vintage Bugatti and then insist on having it registered as an official Bugatti? What if I built a hackintosh and insist on apple putting a serial number and a logo on it? The proper answer is "No, f*ck you!".

Do the official registry prevent the creation of a cloned animals registry? Let the damn market choose which registry to consider.

In freedom, one could create the registry of ogm free stuff, male-only (or female-only, or white-only) clubs, and so on. As long as I don't hurt anybody, directly or with negative propaganda, nobody has any business interfering.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 303

> I'll grant you bash is more mature and intuitive, sure - but you can do things in powershell that just either aren't possible with bash without writing helper applications in a non-scripting language or are exceedingly convoluted.

even without touching powershell I am sure bash is uglier. And sure it relies on external tools. It's the latter which makes bash stronger, bash + the wealth of already available, fast, mature unix commands. And did I mention Free? free.

Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines (Score 1) 545

"Go forth and multiply and populate the earth", which does not really equal to overpopulate it, right?

If you only say "go forth and multiply" you are missing out a key detail about your wacky thesis (it is wacky because I don't see humanity following many and often reiterated religious precepts like do not kill, why they should follow a single passage in genesis).

And, by saying "go forth and multiply" you also could have people reply "3 4 *". With a straight face.

Comment Re:The problem with dark matter (Score 1) 190

I have no issues in imagining that, the problem is indeed the opposite. If there COULD be a particle, everything is ok. If there MUST be a particle, there is lack of imagination. Sometimes that is good, speeds up the search for an explanation. Sometimes that makes the explanation difficult or impossible to reach. With neutrinos it was good.

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