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Comment Re:A great win for FreeBSD (Score 1) 457

I am not referring to contributions to FreeBSD codebase. I'd agree with grandparent if I did. I am referring to the fact that OSX seems not to have made FreeBSD much more popular than before. I have yet to see one mac user talk about BSD. In fact, the OSX users who know that there is such thing as a terminal seem to be getting fewer.

Comment Re: But, But... (Score 1) 282

IIRC the Siemens cellphones had at one time an even better scheme than IMEI blacklisting. One could lock the phone to one particular SIM card.
You lost/got stolen the phone? You ask the phone company to lock the SIM (which you ought to do anyway) and poof the phone is locked.

Modern phones might allow a couple more SIM and have the problem of locking the thief out of your life which we conveniently put in the phone in form of messages, mail, contacts, website cookies...

Comment Re:Or simply install Linux (Score 2) 578

Suggesting Linux as an option to fix Windows is like proposing the roman alphabet to a scribe-dominated, hieroglyphs-dependent Egypt. Insane at first, insane not to accept the proposal later. I only wish people stick to free software principles when transitioning, because e.g. with Android pay apps, many people are soon going to have the same problems people had with proprietary applications back in the 90s.

Comment Re:Microsoft has a majority market share (Score 1) 267

> No, it's either sad or pathetic (depending on ones point of view) that one person should be so tethered to technology rather than reality.

Sure but it's quite myopic that you look at that one person and forget the masses so tethered to far more fascist things like mainstream TV, cinema, magazines and books, music... Media and arts have always been versatile vehicles of propaganda and I have no evidence of the huge paradigm shift in society that made that documented trend disappear.

I don't defend the buying choices of the multiplatform guy, I have issues with your dualism technology/reality.

Comment Re:It is just a matter of time before (Score 1) 72

> This of course will be designed in such a way that you will have to 're-stock' your nanobots at certain determined intervals, because Big Pharma isn't going to design any permanent solution...

What a conspiracy nut nonsense!
I mean, it's like we always needed to buy an up to date antivirus to avoid our PCs being attacked... oh wait...

Comment Re:I could never defend a cyber squatter (Score 1) 381

I don't agree. Sure, it sucks, but the name is property. People buy up property cheap all the time with the hopes that the area might become developed and the property will go up in price.

The property is the domain databases and name servers the ICANN or whoever it is uses, and charges you annually for. They can either have a legitimate client (MS legitimate for once, LOL) or make a subcontractor have money off squatting, which would make sense commercially but it's not in the mission, I HOPE.

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