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Comment Re:Works for my Mom (Score 1) 2

Some people need a higher power, some others heal faster. None of these observations help with the question whether such higher power exists (in its plane, so the correct term would be meta-exists).

I think I don't need a God, because I am smart enough to decide about every ethical aspect of my life, and I do not fear at all to be mortal. Yet I tend towards belief*. Problem, believers? Problem, atheists?

(*) Just FYI, because as I create abstractions, so I could be an abstraction myself.

Comment Re:3D? (Score 1) 88

In fact picking up some cues let you experience a better 3d effect with one eye rather than looking at the flat screen with both eyes. At least for me, an immersive videogame like a FPS becomes more 3d-like with one eye closed. I suspect that tricking your eye like that is not a good idea for a prolonged time. Looking at the crosshair for a prolonged time is equally bad, worse than following a mouse cursor around a screen.

Comment Re:Animal Cruelty (Score 4, Insightful) 285

Vandalism is a good way to drive away people from your cause indeed.

What about:
- i am against animal cruelty so all experimentation and ALL EXPERIMENTS' results must be public.

At least animals suffer only once.

Failure to do so, using animals to compete for treatments, is a sadistic blood rite, not science.

Comment Re:That's nice... (Score 0) 79

Meh, failing predictions is easy. Real men destroy them.

"Think of the large computers (the mainframes and the minis) as the passenger train and the Apple personal computer as the Volkswagen. The Volkswagen isn't as fast or as comfortable as the passenger train. But the VW owners can go where they want and with whom they want. The VW owners have personal control of the machine" -- Steve Jobs, creator of the centralized-app-store-dependent iPhone.

Comment Re:Open Source License (Score 1) 630

IMHO they ARE the outcome of a GPL world, and take for granted what others fought for. So they have their compilers, distros, and stuff all ready.

If all they had were BSD and apple had just sued GNUstep... er... BSDstep, the only compatible free alternative, for patent violation, they would care a bit more about licensing issues.

Comment Re:Kind of sad (Score 1) 226

You are talking about debian stable, and calling it debian. Are you aware of those other flavours, testing, unstable, experimental? What about a chroot for some packages? what about running ubuntu packages depending on a different libc by using LD_LIBRARY_PATH and not having the rest of the ubuntu stuff shoved down your throat? What about linux mint debian edition?

But let's stick to stable. Who in his right mind uses a system like debian stable, whose software and data formats tends to stay the same, and upgrades do not involve changing habits. One cannot reliably WORK with those systems right? :)

Comment Re:Not supported (Score 1) 72

The amount of money raised for this is just too canny, IMHO sounds like advertisement for a disinfo op.
Or maybe Anonymous IS the disinfo op itself, and the fake disinfo op would be fought by Anonymous in an epic, fake battle.

To go from speculation to prediction, this would mean this operation will piss off many anonymous supporters eventually.

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