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Comment Re:Insurance (Score 1) 635

Land of the free eh? If your not insured to step out of your house, you damn well better not do it! You could require insurance, but then people would die, or you'd have law suits or some other bureaucracy. Letting someone die on a mountain does not make economic sense(look at the lost income tax revenue alone). Slapping the person with a $100k bill could cripple them financially which may result in lost tax revenue though surely less then death. My suggestion is EDUCATION, don't require insurance, require boy/girl scouts(or a 1 hour test). British Columbia just put in a pleasure craft boating license for the same purpose. Society shouldn't be about making people pay their way, it should be about what is most economical. If it costs 500 billion to fix a 50 billion dollar drug problem, don't do it, its a waste of time.

Comment Re:CBC radio 2 (Score 1) 228

I'm 26 and listen to Classical music regularly and I also enjoy their 'pop music'(more indie really) from time to time, though I can't stand MTV pop music. I find classical excellent to work too and I've enjoyed a few live performances.

Comment Re:Second sale (Score 1) 563

Seriously how many people are actually going to sell Starcraft 2? Actually once the other campaigns are released they will need some sort of protection. If they don't add anything that changes multi-player with the next two campaigns, pirating and resale could be a significant loss for them. I don't think they want to go the way of C&C. I 'pirated' stacraft one numerous times, though I bought it first; I just kept loosing the cd case. I would prefer if Blizzard kept track of the cd-key, that was inconvenience to me. Heck I'd go for a digital download over a Box.

Comment *looks into crystal ball* (Score 1) 363

I for-see an interface similar to Googles custom homepage, that you can plug in widgets like twitter, flicker, google chat etc. You customise the permissions for each widget using a this sites authentication layer. This site would have its own widgets as well, that could be embedded into your Wordpress page, so people could see your friends on your wordpress page as well as on your homepage. This layer will store your data or it will just hand off it off to twitter/google/facebook. And it comes with a couple default configurations for noobs. How does it make money? Just targetted ads when people are searching for new widgets. You could also sell custom installs to compete with Sharepoint for the corperate world. Anyone wanna pay me to build it? grr how the frick can I add whitespace to my posts?

Comment Re:Relax (Score 1) 363

This is probably true for %98 percent of communities, but surely tech towns you can be involved with some good social activities without all the BS? Is it just a matter of moving to were the smart people are? I'm new too a city of 100k and I find it really hard to crack any sort of interesting social networks. I don't have patience for socialising with average people, nor facebook, so that's certainly a hindrance.

Comment Re:Another Stab At a Canadian DMCA (Score 1) 237

"HST they are shoving down our throats" Why are non Americans so quick to pick up American media's catch phrase of the week? It's bad enough hearing the British do it. Why can't we be a bit original like; We are getting Fisted with HST? or our proctologists are wearing HST gloves. or maybe putting down the HST WMT(Weapon of Mass Tax). In all serious I'm for HST, say what you will, but it in theory it'll increases tax revenue while improving transparency and reducing bureaucracy; its just bad politics.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 237

It is amazing how enabling a public health care system is, even for myself, a 26 year old healthy guy. I think I would have been way to stressed to take the time I need to adapt my skills to this market.

Comment Re:It takes a good programer to apprieate C (Score 1) 535

personally I like pythons introspection and meaningful error messages. Oh and lack of compile complexities, actually I could probably go on for a while. I also use space delimiting folding in Vim, which is quite natural with python. the tabs do encourage you to break up your code, but personally, I see this as a good thing. if you have code nested 5-10 deep, its probably pretty ugly. And python isn't about being fast, its about not being ugly.

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