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Comment Re:Call your credit card company.... (Score 1) 593

I had a similar experience in Germany, except they flat out canceled my order. I can't imagine trying it from Downrange.

Since you used a credit card and they are past their 30 day mark without delivering product, I believe you are within your rights to opt to cancel the transaction. Even in my experience, as long as they shipped the laptop priority, it should still be at your location much quicker than its taking. The slowest box to my wife was 45 days, MPS, during the beginning of her deployment(month 0). The fastest was a priority box, insured for $1000 - 7 days.

Talk to Jag before you do attempt a charge back. BTW - the PX now sells Dell products.



Anonymous Coward writes: "In another stunning blow to the security and integrity of Diebold's electronic voting machines, someone has made a copy of the key which opens ALL Diebold e-voting machines from a picture on the company's own website. The working keys were confirmed by Princeton scientists, the same people who discovered that a simple virus hack on the Diebold machines could steal an election. Absolutely incredible and another example of how Diebold's e-voting machines pose a great threat to the electoral process."
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Submission + - Software company fails to prove it wrote its own s

Hades1010 writes: "A dispute between two software houses remains unresolved after the Court of Appeal refused to rule that one company definitely did not copy the other's software. The ruling does not mean that copying did take place, though. In an unusual case centring on a software development outsourcing contract, a development company pulled out of an agreed mediation process in order to seek a court order which declared them innocent of copying the other company's technology. The court had to make its decision without analysing any of the software involved. here is the link ompany_fails_to_prove_it_wrote_its_own_software/"

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