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Comment From Sports Night (Score 1) 442

Dan: What’s the problem?
Mallory: During your broadcast on September 5th, you sang Happy Birthday to your partner, Casey McCall.
Dan: Yeah, but I can explain that. Wait, it was his birthday. Why do I have to explain that?
Mallory: You sang Happy Birthday on the air.

Mallory: Listen, I think it’s sweet that you and your partner sing to each other on television. Others may think that it’s vaguely gay, but I disagree.
Dan: Thank you.
Mallory: Nonetheless, you can’t do it anymore.
Dan: Why not?
Mallory: It’s against the law?
Dan: It’s against the law to be vaguely gay?
Mallory: It’s against the law to sing Happy Birthday on television.
Dan: Why?
Mallory: It's owned by the representatives of Mildred and Patty Hill.
Dan: It took two people to write that song?

Comment Re:Does BR even rate having a sequel? Explain plea (Score 1) 326

One has the voice-over narrative, which gives the movie a feeling reminiscent of the old "gum-shoe" detective movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood

It already had that feel in spades. Adding the voiceover just beats you over the head with it. Which I guess is appropriate, because the voiceover itself just beats you over the head with everything else.

Comment Re:not so good with numbers... (Score 1) 151

What kind of pedantic choice of interpretation is that?

Internet-pedantry, where either 1) pedantry is misapplied because the word in question does not have a single, precise definition to be pedantic over, and both the the original and the "pedant's" "pedantic" correction are correct or 2) pedantry is possible because the word does have a precise technical definition, but the "pedant" has no idea what that is and is wrong while the original usage was correct.

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