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Comment Re:Wary (Score 1) 151

They don't need any prompting to not improve their infrastructure. Their "solution" is to impose arbitrary limits and offers slow service to stretch their profit margins by not improving their infrastructure.

They are trying to protect their own media services (particularly cable providers). The caps are an artificial way to make Netflix, Hulu, etc look less attractive compared to cable.

Comment Re:Definitely NOT Earth 2 (Score 1) 420

Density has a lot to do with surface gravity. You can approximate (or if we assume a perfectly spherical planet of uniform density, exactly represent) the gravity of the planet with a point mass at the center of the planet.

How far away you are from that point mass while standing on the surface says how much surface gravity there will be. Thus volume matters.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 1) 231

But yes, there have been any number of cases where people convicted of being gay all those years ago have been turned down for jobs because of this and didn't realise they could get it struck from their record.

Thanks for the helpful info. And yeah that sucks. :(

Comment Re:Bizarre (Score 1) 110

Yeah, so I wasn't really trying to claim ID was involved (although I'm amused by how many people thought so -- see below).

Yes I know, which is why I devoted the majority of my post to the fact that the terminology is fine. In your argument of "If A or B if A is absurd then B" your "B" that the new way to describe this is needed is untrue.

The point was that the idea that genes are sitting around waiting to be 'activitated' isn't really what happens.

Except it is. That's exactly what happened. Or at least, the description in the summary -- "the development of hands and feet occurred through the acquisition of new DNA elements capable of activating specific genes" -- is exactly what was demonstrated in this experiment.

It's your assumption that [the summary implied that] the activated gene is.a complete gene for hands that was wrong. There is no gene for hands. However there are genes involved in the development of limbs that were already there, and were activated by the addition of a new gene.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 2) 231

The concept of felony is completely unrelated to the concept of federalism. The term originated in English common law.

Which according to Google still applied in the UK until 1967, but doesn't anymore. So yeah I guess it would be silly to ask that now! But is there any requirement to disclose criminal convictions? Or any circumstances in which criminal record is made available? That's really at the heart of the issue I raised in my post.

Comment Re:Bizarre (Score 4, Insightful) 110

So, the hand genes were just sitting around, waiting to be 'activated' by specific DNA?

Kinda maybe but not really? There's no gene for hands. There are genes involved in growing those tissues which comprise limbs, which are in turn controlled by other genes. Control those genes one way, you get fins, another way, you get "hands". The controlled genes were already present in the fish, and being used to make fins. Add a new mouse gene that controls those other genes a different way and you get something more like a hand.

As a ridiculously coarse analogy, it's like saying the standard C library has the code for a chess game because if you take a tic-tac-toe game and then re-arrange a bunch of the code that controls how the stdlib functions are called you get chess instead. Yes there are important pieces being re-used but there's more to it than that.

There's no problem with the terminology, and absolutely no need to resort to ID to explain this. Our bodies re-use the chemical machinery of life forms from billions of years ago. Just in different ways. Evolving new mechanisms for controlling that machinery is still evolution.

Comment Re:Better idea (Score 2) 231

When being gay was decriminalised, the existing criminal convictions were not stricken from the record.

So when being gay was decriminalized, but there was still a massive societal stigma against being gay causing many homosexuals to stay "in the closet", they would nevertheless have to answer "yes" to "are you a convicted felon?" questions on job applications and list their homosexuality conviction and thus out themselves to their potential future employer?

Holy fuck!

Does the UK have anti-discrimination in employment laws?

I believe a new law is being passed to unilaterally strick all convictions of such nature, leaving such people with a clean record.

Obviously far too long in coming, but better late than never I guess!

Comment Re:Will you be improving the artwork? (Score 1) 124

Enlightenment was always best when used with a user-developed theme -- E was the ultimate theme-able WM before themes were really a "thing". The "default" themes were best considered examples of what you could do.

So assuming E17 didn't ditch the #1 best part of E, then the answer is -- as soon as someone makes a theme for it that matches your aesthetic sensibilities.

Comment Re:Good move. (Score 4, Insightful) 180

I used to count on Linksys for exactly three things: 1) it worked 2) it was affordable and 3) it worked with Linux out of the box. I became loyal to Linksys back in `98 when I bought a Linksys Ethernet card that had Linux drivers on the install diskette -- this was prior to those same drivers being incorporated into the Linux kernel distribution.

Fast forward a few years, I wanted to buy a wireless card, and I saw the Linksys model. With the Cisco branding, but I thought, okay, so they bought Linksys, surely they kept the same features that I counted on Linksys for. And the answer was "no" on all three counts. Too expensive -- but hey, it'll work, and with Linux -- only it didn't work on Linux at all, and when I eventually found drivers from the chipset maker the card worked but then took a dump on me after less than a year (whereas I'm still using old Linksys ethernet cards for wired networking).

Comment Re:Was the gun legally obtained? (Score 1) 2987

You do realize where the biggest (almost all) source of black market guns in Canada is? The US needs to get their shit together,whether that is mental hospitals or strict gun control I don't know. Someone has to get some balls and take responsibility instead of nothing changing after evey massacre.

Comment Re: Visualization of how large NGC 1277 (Score 1) 65

Ahh! the old problem... equations versus reality!

All that the Einstenian equations tell us is that they don't know how to manage black holes beyond the event horizon (and that they are wrong about them because of that).

Ahh, the old problem of equations versus your imagination of what reality might be. ;)

Einstein's equations work just fine inside the event horizon. It's the actual singularity itself which raises some eyebrows. And even then, we don't actually know that such a thing isn't possible in reality. But you are uncomfortable with the idea, therefore they're wrong. Got it.

At the very least it's clear that a black hole must have "density significantly higher than that of a neutron star."


Because it's required by those pesky equations.

All you can say is that *if* (a big if) black holes behave more or less like all the physics we know about

Everything said about just about anything can be presumed to have an "as long as our understanding is correct" qualifyer. And indeed our theory of gravity may be wrong. It saying something different than what you say is not a good argument for it being wrong.

What's misleading about saying density is defined as mass against volume?

Because the actual definition is mass divided by the minimum volume which fully contains the mass, not some arbitrary larger volume that you happen to find convenient. And since the behavior of a black hole requires exceedingly high density, it's doubly misleading.

Comment Re:Fraud? (Score 1) 346

Not to mention that even if the pluralization rule of "replace -us with -i" applied, the result would be viri with one "i". The only word that's plural ends with two "i"s is "radius" which becomes "radii" because there's one "i" before the "us" already.

"Virii" is simply retarded, and I was retarded when I used to use it.

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