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Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 1) 860

Yeah, it would be a lot easier to deal with radical Tea Party types if they weren't so willing to allow their ideology to be co-opted by rapid pro-authoritarians. They're now little better than the far left extremists like ELF, though only the border Nazis and some militia groups have devolved into the type of domestic terrorists that make up ELF.

Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 1) 860

The CIA was, at one point, prohibited from spying on solely domestic targets.

That's apparently no longer the case. I am not sure if the prohibition was legal or by executive order, but I don't believe it was repealed in either event. Not that the government cares about such formalities anymore. If they get caught, they just pass a law retroactively forgiving those who were complicit in their crimes.

Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 1) 860

This is very true, and something most people miss whenever they are faced with an arena dominated by enormous amounts of money. It's not about the money, it's about the desire for power for those throwing truckloads of money into a particular arena.

If there's no power to be had, the money is usually clean and representative of the larger picture by all those involved.

Comment Re:positive? (Score 1) 768

It does, it just promotes different ideas on what is good for society. You could make the same statement about D and R, and each would say the other was not promoting the good of society where their views conflicted.

Comment Re:FAIL! (Score 1) 768

It's a defense against corrupted laws. The ability to help nullify corrupt laws will always trump letting the guilty go free. If you are guilty of violating a corrupt law, it is in the overriding benefit to society that you be able to be guilty and not have to help in your own prosecution. There are ample examples in history where it is right to ignore certain laws wholesale.

Comment Re:Unqualified for office (Score 1) 278

Because when one hands a rent controlled apartment to ones offspring, one is disposing of ones own property, not someone elses. Moron.

Funny, I can't think of a single way to read the above to mean handing over a rent-controlled apartment is disposing of some else' property, given that it says the exact opposite. If you intended it to be sarcastic, you failed completely to make that clear.

Comment Re:Misdiagnosis (Score 1) 376

Indeed. Different types of oil produce different quantities of each distillate, but those quantities are fixed per barrel. The gasoline will still come out in the same quantity, and aside from developing a process to modify the molecular structure of each distillate in an economically feasible way that's not going to change.

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