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Comment Re:Unqualified for office (Score 1) 278

Because when one hands a rent controlled apartment to ones offspring, one is disposing of ones own property, not someone elses. Moron.

Funny, I can't think of a single way to read the above to mean handing over a rent-controlled apartment is disposing of some else' property, given that it says the exact opposite. If you intended it to be sarcastic, you failed completely to make that clear.

Comment Re:Misdiagnosis (Score 1) 376

Indeed. Different types of oil produce different quantities of each distillate, but those quantities are fixed per barrel. The gasoline will still come out in the same quantity, and aside from developing a process to modify the molecular structure of each distillate in an economically feasible way that's not going to change.

Comment Re:Does "Opera" still have any relevance? (Score 1) 191

With the change to a Chromium base, it no longer has any relevance.

I'm a long-time Opera user, and this change saddens me a great deal. There will now no longer be a browser that integrates so many things without relying on plugins. All the standard usability plugins for Chrome and Firefox are native features of Opera pre-Next. Their relevance used to be the enhancements that everyone else copied. Now they'll just be playing catch-up.

Comment Re:Note to self... (Score 1) 278

If a universal ban worked I would be for it. It won't though.

Also, the majority of firearm owners aren't trying to solve societal problems with them, and most firearm uses don't include a trigger pull.

Your continued use of the word insane to cover a vast number of people with widely disparate views says more bout you than those at whom you aim your words. They are as bad as right-wing extremists. Those who are not willing to listen and engage civilly are all part of the problem.

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