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Comment Re:Surprising number of Verge comments anti-tech (Score 2) 845

A restaurant is not a public place. They can ask anyone to leave for any reason they so choose. Wearing Google Glass inside is no more a right than bringing in food from outside is a right.

This asshole would not have been embarrassed if he didn't act like an asshole. He was quietly and politely asked to take it off, at which point he threw a tantrum. This is not socially acceptable behavior, and he deserves every ounce of humiliation he's now getting. Maybe he won't act like a complete asshole next time, and will instead either take it off or quietly leave and never frequent the establishment again. His rights were not violated. Only a complete moron thinks that they have the right to bring anything they desire into a private establishment. Fucking entitled little bastard.

Comment Re:terrorism! ha! (Score 1) 453

The problem is both with physicians and the public. Many physicians finally give in when morons repeatedly demand antibiotics to treat things that shouldn't be treated with antibiotics.

The other problem is the overuse of antibiotics in animal feedstock. Irresponsible livestock growers add it to feed for prophylactic purposes, despite it not being necessary (outside of inhumane conditions, such as mass poultry farms). In the latter case, there would be mass die-offs because of chickens having to live in their own feces due to overcrowding.

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