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Comment Re:And this is why... (Score 1) 356

People can freely associate. They shouldn't expect their liability to be limited though. Any free association should be able to donate unlimited amounts, but limited liability is not a right, it's a privilege. When speech is filtered through a fiction which limits the liability of the speaker, they are no longer exercising their right to free speech, they are exercising their privilege of limited liability.

Comment Re:But to put it another way.. (Score 1) 333

Unfortunately, there are people who remain illiterate by choice (for many reasons), and do see the use of polysyllabic words as a form of self-aggrandizement by the speaker. It's a form of jealousy about something they can fix in themselves, but which they simply can't be bothered to do. It's easier to point the finger at someone else than it is for many to point it where it really should be pointed: at themselves.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 333

Unless you're Amish and work for yourself or another Amish employer, the US government doesn't recognize any objections to participation unless you don't want to be employed at all.

You can opt out (well, your parents can; you can't rescind participation once you reach the age of majority, unlike every other legally binding agreement your parents enter you into) as long as you never try to make any money. And of course the IRS doesn't allow for the cost of your time and effort, which you can never recover, as an exemption against "income" earned. Time is only worth something in their eyes if it increases your tax burden.

If I'm working, I have zero income, because I'm trading something which is absolutely unrecoverable in exchange for that paycheck. It's too bad so many either fail to understand that or, worse, don't care.

Comment Re:envy (Score 4, Insightful) 375

that you know the language and that you can support yourself

And this, rather than race, is likely the primary reason why some people cannot immigrate to Japan. Many other countries do not have restrictions on language fluency before they allow others in, and in my estimation that's a large reason why those countries have immigrant enclaves where a large percentage do not speak the national tongue (and hence have low job prospects, leading to radicalization).

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