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Comment Re:Yeah, talk me more about those "Washington Effo (Score 1) 260

"Terrorism" has been turned into a convenient buzzword. It's only applied to those the person using it disagrees with. The Syrian insurgency most certainly does have terrorist aspects. The American Revolution had terrorist aspects as well. If I were fighting as an insurgent, you can bet your ass I'd target civilian installations supportive of the regime against which I was fighting. It's eminently practical on a strategic level, and is one of the most effective tactics in a lop-sided conflict.

Comment Re:Yeah, talk me more about those "Washington Effo (Score 1) 260

Exactly. There are really no realistic military threats to the US. The real threats are economic, and the US is becoming increasingly likely to fall under those economic threats due to the outsourcing of pretty much everything but services which absolutely require domestic workers.

Comment Re:I have an idea... (Score 1) 455

Like many things, it's all about government convenience. Medical care is necessary according to DHHS, and voluntary according to the DEA. You have to pay for it or you are penalized, and if you pay for it you give up your right to privacy. They've managed to legislate a method to force everyone in the USA to give up their rights to medical privacy.

Comment Re:Disband the DEA (Score 1) 455

You actually believe those who wrote the Constitution intended it to allow the Federal government the general power to ban absolutely anything under the taxing authority? That's what the Supreme Court rulings on the Constitutionality of Federal bans have laid out. Just because the power is not used more broadly does not mean it doesn't exist as a result of bad rulings. Hell, as a result of the ACA ruling, the taxing authority now allows both general bans and general mandatory purchases. The Federal government now has the "legitimized" ability to police every aspect of every transaction made.

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