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Comment Re:What now? (Score 1) 1073

The Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution should mean they don't have the power to pick and choose at all.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works in the real world, since the Constitution is only recognized by the government to the extent that they can't get away with violating it in certain ways. They'll violate it in any way they possibly can get away with though.

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 1073

Unfortunately, those who are unable to think rationally believe it is a lifestyle choice. They actually believe people choose to go through the agony of having to decide whether or not they are going to be ostracized in certain parts of the country. If you ask them why they choose to be heterosexual, well, they typically don't like to answer that in an sort of cogent fashion, if they answer at all.

Comment Re:Good ... (Score 1) 1073

Not directly. They're required to provide the system and means to protect your rights if they have been violated, even by the government.

In practice, that's frequently an impossible system to get to work for you if it's the government trampling on your rights. The courts and the government work so closely together that they often collude to prevent a redress of grievances against the government.

Comment Re:From a citizen's standpoint (Score 1) 1073

I'd guess the answer would be that both multiple partner relationships and platonic relationships should be able to enjoy the same benefits. They are both relationships undertaken by the consent of all involved.

That would be my response anyway, since I'm completely in line with what was said in Pollux's comment. They may believe differently though, so don't take this as me definitively answering for someone else.

Comment Re:seriously (Score 4, Informative) 622

Most people aren't concerned about the NSA looking at them right now. They're concerned about how this data may be used in the future should they suddenly find themselves with an administration which has a problem with their views on issue X and now has the means to identify all the people who have those particular views on issue X.

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