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Comment Re:laser all the way (Score 2) 381

I've never spent more than $75 for a used color laser (Xerox Phasers and Lexmark units), and upgraded due to features rather than mechanical breakage. The toner cartridges on eBay have always cost less per than a single inkjet cartridge, and print many times more pages.

Comment Re:You really need to specify more information. (Score 1) 381

My Phaser 6200 cost $75, and toner is ~$20 on eBay, and lasts me for years with occasional printing. I'd be buying new printers due to clogged inkjet printheads every year or so, and ink for even older models will still be outrageous. No thanks, I'll take my cheap, fast color auto duplex laser any day over an inkjet.

Comment Buy used. (Score 1) 381

Buy a used commercial color laser (I've had good luck with Xerox Phasers and Lexmark machines) and get a scanner or cheap MFP.

Supplies tend to be far cheaper on slightly older machines as people dump them on eBay when they ugrade, and the printers themselves will usually have absolutely nothing wrong with them. They can also be repaired pretty chealy, since maintenance consumables and parts printers are more common with used machines.

Mostly, look for low page counts when you're getting used machines and you'll be golden.

Comment Re:Red state (Score 1) 470

The problem with the ACA is not in its goal, but in the implementation.

Despite the USSC calling it legitimate, in no way could the Constitution have been originally interpreted to give the Federal government complete authority over any transaction (or in this case to demand a transaction take place) simply on the basis of their taxing authority.

It was passed and upheld in the way it was because that was the easiest way to accomplish the feat, rather than the legitimate way to accomplish the feat. Anyone who supports the ends justifying the means has no right to complain when something they dislike is accomplished the same way (like the ability of the Federal government to ban anything via the taxing authority - e.g. marijuana laws).

Political groups are willing to look the other way way when it's something they support, and scream bloody murder when it's something they don't. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this behavior.

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