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Comment Re:Are we not advanced enough to use UTC Time? (Score 1) 310

People would only be confused until those used to the current system (and unable/unwilling to learn a new one) died off.

All we need is a 24-hour clock, and anyone giving a time to anyone else would simply note their zone (0-23). Determine the difference in the two zones, and the larger zone subtracts that many hours to figure out the relative time of day at the other location (and vice versa). There are other ways to calculate the relative difference in daylight/working time between locations too. Some are easier for certain people than others, and some are easier depending on whether or not the difference is =12.

Both systems obviously have pros and cons. The current one means people don't have to calculate anything to know whether it's day or night when already talking to someone. Coordinating action, especially if more than two locations are involved, can take significant calculation though. Changing to a unified time system makes coordination a snap, at the expense of immediately being able to tell the relative daylight/working time in another location.

Comment Re:last thing? (Score 1) 294

And anyone who says Ibuprofen or Tylenol works better for them is likely a DEA shill or got placebos, because that's a load of crap. I can understand the nausea, yes, but to say opioids are less effective than over the counter counter analgesics is ridiculous.

That's not entirely true. There are people who do not metabolize opioids effectively. They are, however, very rare. I'd guess most people who say the above actually have little or no experience with opiate painkillers, and are instead spouting BS they heard from someone else in order to look informed.

Comment Re:It's just a tool I guess (Score 1) 294

Yeah, that was one thing that annoyed me about the article. 5x the strength of what? Codeine? Hydrocodone? Morphine? Oxycodone? Hydromorphone? Fentanyl? Buprenorphine? Carfentanil?

For an actual answer, according to the description of the person above claiming to have been in the trial (assuming they're correct in the dosing comparison) it's about half the potency of oxycodone.

Comment Re:It's just a tool I guess (Score 1) 294

It may not have been that the drug was incapable of meeting your pain needs. I was on the fentanyl transdermal patch as well, and was having absorption issues resulting in the patch wearing out unpredictably. When I moved back to oxycodone from fentanyl, I went through basically the same thing you describe when you switched to Zohydro. In addition, I also went through intense opiate withdrawal despite being on opiate therapy (again, pretty much as you describe, though shorter in length). There are certain people who fentanyl affects that way. It's phenomenal when it works right, and hell when it doesn't.

I'm glad I wasn't on fentanyl for long enough to go through the lengthy withdrawal you did; I got off it in relatively short order and will not ever again use the transdermal form.

Comment Re:Good web browsers. (Score 2) 531

Opera 15 (now 19) isn't FireFox, it's Chrome.

The one fortunate thing is they're building back into Chrome what they lost when they stopped developing Presto. It's slow, but it's happening. I still miss things like Ctrl-Z re-opening closed windows, but they've regained a lot of the ground they lost in the changeover.

I still really miss per-site options, which haven't made it back into Chrome-based Opera.

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