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Comment Re:It's just a tool I guess (Score 1) 294

It may not have been that the drug was incapable of meeting your pain needs. I was on the fentanyl transdermal patch as well, and was having absorption issues resulting in the patch wearing out unpredictably. When I moved back to oxycodone from fentanyl, I went through basically the same thing you describe when you switched to Zohydro. In addition, I also went through intense opiate withdrawal despite being on opiate therapy (again, pretty much as you describe, though shorter in length). There are certain people who fentanyl affects that way. It's phenomenal when it works right, and hell when it doesn't.

I'm glad I wasn't on fentanyl for long enough to go through the lengthy withdrawal you did; I got off it in relatively short order and will not ever again use the transdermal form.

Comment Re:Good web browsers. (Score 2) 531

Opera 15 (now 19) isn't FireFox, it's Chrome.

The one fortunate thing is they're building back into Chrome what they lost when they stopped developing Presto. It's slow, but it's happening. I still miss things like Ctrl-Z re-opening closed windows, but they've regained a lot of the ground they lost in the changeover.

I still really miss per-site options, which haven't made it back into Chrome-based Opera.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 222

And this is the sort of thing that leads to the generalization of the Slashdot membership being composed almost entirely of virgins, or at least those who are not capable of sustaining a relationship with a woman that doesn't involve large cash payments.

Comment Re:So much disinformation... (Score 1) 152

The existence of US-sponsored fascist groups in Venezuela does not, in any way, invalidate the point being made.

Your comment is irrelevant unless it is your contention that, indeed, every single person who opposes Maduro is a violent fascist.

I suggest going to Venezuela and attempting to publicly broadcast a dissenting opinion. See how long you're left to your own devices. I suspect it wouldn't be a particularly long time.

Comment Re:backward technique (Score 1) 152

The Arab Spring clearly demonstrated why unlimited democratic power in the hands of the people is a recipe for disaster.

Democratic power only works if it is strictly limited in scope. If it is not, people tend to elect sociopaths who will confirm their biases whilst engaging in their own personal corrupt predilections.

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