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Comment Re:Note to self... (Score 1) 278

If a universal ban worked I would be for it. It won't though.

Also, the majority of firearm owners aren't trying to solve societal problems with them, and most firearm uses don't include a trigger pull.

Your continued use of the word insane to cover a vast number of people with widely disparate views says more bout you than those at whom you aim your words. They are as bad as right-wing extremists. Those who are not willing to listen and engage civilly are all part of the problem.

Comment Re:Wake me up when ammo can be printed (Score 1) 521

I actually just watched a video of the test-firing of various 3D-printed shotgun slug designs. Of course they weren't using rifled barrels nor did they add spin control to the design so the slugs tumbled in flight rather than spinning, but they were still quite effective at short range.

It's actually a great idea for being able to produce your own less-than-lethal rounds, which are otherwise difficult to procure.

Comment Re:A win for me (Score 1) 716

That's the opposite of my take. The comment hinges on morality, and few believe it is moral to randomly kill people.

I am a-religious. I sympathize with the quoted statement, and yet would not ever initiate violence against another unless it were justifiable defense. The two have nothing to do with each other except what a given person deems as moral.

Comment Re:AMT for companies! (Score 1) 716

Taxing gross profits over $1M would bankrupt an enormous number of small businesses who do not have the resources to hire cutthroat accountants.

Other than that, sounds pretty good. Corporations exist at the pleasure of the jurisdiction in which they are incorporated, and as such should have no rights whatsoever. There are no provisions for collective rights in the Constitution. All rights are personal, even the right to assembly. Stripping corporations of rights do nothing to infringe the personal rights in the Constitution, as people can still exercise them. There is no right to avoid personal accountability just because you run a business.

While many claiming to be libertarian would howl at the above, I believe it is perfectly consistent with a primarily libertarian outlook.

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