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Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 1) 706

I'd like to see something backing up the contention that the UK clears 95% of murder cases. If so, they have the best investigative police on Earth.

As for the fact that they report murders for the year they're charged rather than the year they're committed, that simply means a given year's rate is more representative of crime in previous years rather than that of the current year on average. It doesn't mean crime rates are actually lower than reported. It just means an accurate reflection of a given year won't occur until a later date.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 706

I was replying to Belial6. If I'm understanding you correctly, you believe it's alright for schools to punish someone defending themselves with exactly the same repercussions as the person instigating violence against them? If so, we fundamentally disagree. I do not condone the enforcement of "lie down and take whatever someone else wants to give you." There are times when it is simply not possible to extract yourself from a situation where someone else is intent on inflicting physical harm. Believing otherwise is simply sticking your head in the sand.

Comment Slashdot fails at logic (Score 1) 534

It's amazing to see how many people absolutely fail at logic on this site. Kids apparently have to be able to use tech at 5 years old or they'll be damaged for life!

Kids apparently can't learn anything useful unless it involves technology, and the parents are horrible people for undertaking a short-term experiment while their children are pre-adolescent. The horror!

Comment Re:Like with everything else, moderation (Score 1) 534

Choosing not to use technology yourself isn't a ban, it's a choice. A ban is something imposed by an external authority. For the children, it is a ban, but parents have a reasonable right to ban things they find injurious to their child's development. There's plenty of time to learn to use an iPad, but once a child exits their toddler stage many habits are set for life. This allows for them to get used to being able to do without tech, and once they are older and have started to develop the ability to exercise self-control they can be exposed to things that are addictive at an early age.

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