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Comment Re:return what you don't deserve... (Score 1) 169

Indeed. I'm a libertarian and believe in the abolition of, or at the very least very strict control over, any entity which provides limited liability to those who control it. Corporations are not people. They exist at the whim of the jurisdiction in which they are incorporated, and should be subject to whatever controls are deemed necessary to keep them in line.

Comment Re:Hey (Score 1) 535

"True Christians are the ones who believe in God and mock and attack anyone who says otherwise."

I would posit that neither the above nor the sentence of which it is a parody are correct. Fundamentalist atheists and theists are definitely the problem, but I wouldn't define either group as "the true group."

Comment Re:One more reason that such systems make no sense (Score 1) 308

There's no such thing as "free market".

Yup, that's pretty much what I said.

And when one company refuses to play fair, what exactly do you intend to do about it?

My comment was not limited to commercial interaction. That government is required to do certain things does not immediately invalidate ways of cooperation which don't require government. There are many things which can be done by groups of individuals to make any number of things better.

An example would be an organization called Project Access, which provides free healthcare to those who are below the poverty level. The only government support is in verifying someone qualifies financially. Physicians and hospitals donate their time to provide services.

Comment Re:One more reason that such systems make no sense (Score 1) 308

In the US, "free market" doesn't mean an actual free market. I cannot think of a single one off the top of my head where it actually applies. The term "free market" in the US is invariably doublespeak. Crony capitalism does not a free market make.

Government is not the only way to work together in order to improve things. One of the great downfalls in the US is the growing belief that only through government can things be made better.

Comment Re:One more reason that such systems make no sense (Score 1) 308

In the USA, high school does nothing to prepare most students for higher education. The first year of university mostly entails unlearning the rote structure of previous schooling.

The exit exams, where they exist, are a joke unless you're talking about private or charter schools. Public education in the US is a mountain of fail.

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