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Comment Re:ha! "not acceptable" (Score 1) 1501

There are many things that one does not have any sort of duty to accept. Of course it's not an argument; it's a statement.

Raping children is not acceptable. There are those who would argue otherwise. Saying it's not acceptable doesn't make anyone "lose the argument." The same is true about many things far less extreme.

What matters is the basis upon which someone uses "it's not acceptable." That determines whether or not the statement has merit. A blanket statement saying it has no merit itself has no merit.

Comment Re:Sanity May Yet Prevail (Score 1) 413

While I was speaking of personal anecdotes, there are also public examples that are less extreme than my personal experiences, but that still show the mindset. There are many cases of Christians in government positions who allow the use of public property to display permanent Christian themes but deny the same to other religions. Such instances are pretty easy to find on Google.

Comment Re:the other fund (Score 1) 372

And what would you propose that the country do about all the resources produced in rural areas when the infrastructure to produce them domestically does not exist, as would be the case in your example? While many (perhaps most) subsidies are abusive, the creation of a national road system, electrical grid, and telecommunications grid have made certain things possible that otherwise would not have been.

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