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Comment Re:Business models (Score 1) 198

No, proof is not necessary. That statute uses "a preponderance of evidence" as the bar in forfeiture cases, which is a much lower burden to establish. You also must file a claim within 35 days to contest the seizure before it is permanent, and you must do so at your own cost. For amounts 4 figures or less, the cost of filing a claim will amount to more than the value of the seizure.

Comment Re:Which country do you live in? (Score 1) 198

There are many police departments around the country which receive most of their funding from selling assets seized in civil forfeiture laws. It has become the norm in many places, rather than the exception it used to be.

Here is one example of many:

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 303

Only those that don't comply with labeling requirements and certain safety features are illegal (whether import or domestic production). Anything that complies is legal, regardless of power output.

The illegal imports are lasers sold for pointing purposes. Those are restricted to =5mW.

Comment Re:a few VTOVL predecessors (Score 1) 71

Craft using other methods of re-entry and landing do not have the payload capacity of a heavy lift rocket, and heavy lift rockets are incredibly expensive to build.

If the amortized cost of the technology to deploy VTVL rockets does not exceed the cost to build new rockets, it's an economic win and will reduce the cost per pound of putting objects into orbit.

Comment Re:come on (Score 2) 530

We are not a country of majority rule. If that were true, there would be no Constitution.

Majority rule means the majority may do anything they like. While there are but shreds of the Constitution left, there are still things the majority is not allowed to do.

Comment Re:What now? (Score 1) 1073

The Full Faith and Credit Clause of the US Constitution should mean they don't have the power to pick and choose at all.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works in the real world, since the Constitution is only recognized by the government to the extent that they can't get away with violating it in certain ways. They'll violate it in any way they possibly can get away with though.

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