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Comment Re:Firearms unit (Score 2) 292

It's also due to the militarization of US police. They view any non-police as the "enemy." They believe themselves to be different and special (note the use of the term "operator" by SWAT units, as if they have any resemblance to a military operator).

SWAT units justify their existence mostly through raiding locations where there is no expectation of a violent response. They also routinely discharge their weapons when there is absolutely no cause, because they're amped up on their own exaggerated expectation of violence being necessary to use even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The police have no more common sense; they operate on the basis of their own (usually imaginary) sense of superiority. This is why many Americans immediately view police with suspicion, fear, and distrust.

Comment Re:British police rarely carry weapons (Score 1) 292

As are victim-disarmament aficionados, who refuse to acknowledge the defensive uses of firearms, including those where the mere presence of an armed non-criminal ended what might otherwise be a violent conclusion.

Of course, it's easy to dismiss them because nothing actually happened. It's always "you can't say for certain it was beneficial," which might work for isolated cases but when accounting for all cases combined can't possibly be relegated to "none of those turned out better due to the presence of a defensive firearm."

In short, there's stupid on both sides.

Comment Re:DOUBLEPLUS (Score 1) 292

Typically, the extreme actions that police (or the military, internationally) attempt to legitimize through the farce of "protecting" society create more terrorists.

Your statement might be true if the "checking" done was approached humanely. As it is, there is nothing humane about how the US goes about prosecuting the War on Terror.

People become terrorists typically because they have no hope, and joining a cell makes them feel empowered. Stop crushing everyone to get a few, and the terrorists have a much harder time recruiting.

Comment Re:DOUBLEPLUS (Score 1) 292

More guns don't help limit the number of criminal-on-criminal violence, but they certainly help with regard to criminal-on-non-criminal violence. The national news media doesn't like to report on firearms being used appropriately though, so there appears to be widespread belief amongst people who have never learned firearm safety that such events are scarce. However, such events are not scarce. They are regularly reported in local news stories in areas with high legal firearm ownership. As for criminal-on-criminal firearm deaths, I have no problem with them.

There will never be parity with nations which fundamentally view firearms differently than the US. If you have a problem with firearms, work toward an Amendment repealing the 2nd. The people trying to circumvent that process are to blame for the circumvention of all the other Amendments as well. If you support a non-Amendment workaround to restricting firearms purchases by non-criminals and those of sound mind, you (implicitly, at least) are also supporting the violations of all those Amendments victim-disarmers support so vocally.

Comment Re:POLICE STATE AMERICA (Score 4, Interesting) 396

There are now decisions on record allowing the use of tainted evidence so long as the police obtained it by "accidentally" violating procedural rules.

Now it's only thrown out if the defendant can prove the police violated due process intentionally, which is a much higher bar for getting evidence thrown out. Of course, with the process above, you may not even be able to see the evidence, let alone contest it.

Comment Re: Good. (Score 1) 699

In actual practice, Marxism at its core is about using copious amounts of violent force against anyone who objects to whatever "society" (actually a small group of people at the top) deems is in the best interest of "the people" (again, what's actually in the best interest of the party regarding maintaining power). The theory of

Marxism will always require much more persistent use of state-sponsored violence to remain "pure" Marxism than any sort of representative government.

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